A Bigger Oink
Episode Information
Series 3
Episode No. 9
UK Airdate 23 November 1995
Written by TBA
Episode Chronology
Preceded by Scared Silly by Snakes
Succeeded by The Mole Game



After a date (or talk) about "feelings of impending doom", Adder and Sinuous both try to kill the rats by hypnotizing them in their mouths. Toad tells Fox that if there are more rats to kill more frogs, they will be none left. Whistler manages to grab one by his beak just in time and crash-lands beside Plucky. He tells Whistler that the walls are to high to climb up and his only chance is to get out when the gates open for the humans in their vehicles to pass through.

Owl meanwhile is having a conversation with Hollow and tries to hide from him but heads... Splat! into some cement. She tries to give her flying a try with cement all over her but it is no use. She would much wait for someone to break her free.

Meanwhile, Weasel is a little annoyed with Rollo's distraction in the river despite Measley's efforts to tell her that Fido and Cleo have to be taken to White Deer Park with them. They then meet a pig on a grass full of rubbish. He makes up his own name "I'll Never Be Sausages". They all ride on him to get the better of Rollo's distraction as much as to say I'll Never Be Sausages is "a weasel-pig-dog".

Some time later, the rats try to have permission received from Bully by killing Adder, but Plucky grabs Bully by the pink tail, and says (with his mouthful of tail), "if any of you rats fight Adder just one bite mind you, I'll bite this rat's filthy head off". Bully agrees with permission given to himself to let Adder go by his usual "who am I?" and his rat pack's "Bully-Bully-Bully!" They let her go just in time, as Sinuous comes to stamp the rats back into the hole. "So, did I miss?" he asks, but not before Whisper is very proud of his son. He is very relieved that Adder is free, though he can take care of himself.

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