Charmer in the TV series
Name Charmer
Species Red Fox
Gender Female
Status Alive
Mate Ranger
Offspring Rusty and various unnamed cubs (books)
First Book Appearance Fox's Feud
First TV Appearance A Joke Backfires
Voiced by Stacy Jefferson (UK)
Anja Jaenicke (Germany)
Stella Musy (Italy)
Mia Kihl (Sweden)

"Would I hurt anything so lovely?"
Ranger when he first meets Charmer

Charmer is a red fox who was born in White Deer Park. She is the daughter of Fox and Vixen. She is seen in both the books and the TV series. Charmer shares the kind and understanding nature of her mother and is originally the only member of her family to want peace with Scarface's family. She mates with Scarface's son Ranger, which displeases many of the Farthing Wood animals and her family (except Vixen), particularly Fox and Bold (Friendly in the TV Series).


Fox's FeudEdit

Charmer is born during the spring along with Bold, Dreamer and Friendly. She was named Charmer because she had 'very winning ways'. She joins her family in their search for Bold in Scarface's territory, but Fox insists that she and Vixen stay behind when they reach the hostile foxes. One day while out hunting, Charmer strays into unfamiliar territory and meets Ranger, who she recognizes as the son of Scarface. She immediately takes a liking to him, but she is cautious because of the feud between their two families. Ranger explains that he is not responsible for his father's actions and that they need not become involved in the feud, and she agrees to hunt with him.

Charmer and Ranger meet regularly after their first encounter, and start to fall in love. However, one day Charmer is required to keep watch for the other animals so Ranger comes looking for her. They are seen by Bold, who threatens Ranger and calls Charmer a traitor, but Fox and Vixen soon arrive and allow Charmer to explain the situation to them in their earth.

When Scarface and his family launch an attack on the Farthing Wood animals, Fox suspects that Ranger told his father to strike during the day when nobody is on watch and threatens to kill him, but Charmer heads out of Badger's set to talk to him. After realizing that Ranger is not on Scarface's side, Fox and Vixen actively encourage his relationship with Charmer and the two cubs hunt together every night and make plans to spend their future together.

The Fox Cub BoldEdit

Charmer only appears near the end of this book, when she meets Whisper after her arrival at the park. After discovering that Whisper is Bold's mate, Charmer tells Fox and Vixen of her arrival, and they and Friendly go back to her to find out more. When Whisper tells them that Bold is dying, they leave the park to find him and are informed of his whereabouts by Robber. Charmer is present with the rest of his family when Bold finally passes away. After Bold's death Charmer gives birth to several cubs and tells Whisper that their cubs should all be encouraged to mingle when they get older.

Charmer growls in Series 3.

The Siege of White Deer ParkEdit

Like most of the vixens Charmer spends the majority of the spring looking after her new cubs and as such is hardly seen at all. However she does appear at the meeting to discuss Tawny Owl's sighting of The Beast and is present during the animals' investigation of the creature's lair by the stream.

In the Path of the StormEdit

Charmer appears early in the spring and stops Rusty and Pace from teasing Tawny Owl about his bachelorhood, although her use of the word "misfortune" to describe his situation causes Owl to leave the park in search of a mate. She later appears at the meeting of elders to discuss the problem with Trey, she is one of the animals present when Badger is recovering from being poisoned in the disused set and she is also among the group that travels to the pond to drink in order to show Trey that he cannot stop them from drinking there.

Battle for the ParkEdit

Charmer appears only briefly in this book, forming part of the hunting party that tries to drive the rats out of the Farthing Wood animals' corner of the reserve and also taking part in the final battle against the rats, in which they are finally removed from the park for good.

TV SeriesEdit

Series 2Edit

Charmer's role in the series almost the same as in the books. She is born along with Bold, Friendly and Dreamer after the winter. After Bold leaves the park after an argument with his father for trying to fight Scarface, Charmer meets Ranger and they quickly fall in love. Charmer later meets Ranger again, but Friendly arrives, threatens Ranger and starts to see Charmer as a traitor. After this Friendly had apparently promised Charmer not to tell their parents about her and Ranger's relationship. But despite, this he tells them anyway. Charmer is greatly hurt when her father thinks she's a traitor and when he says that she and Ranger could "never make a match". However, Charmer and Vixen convince Fox to meet Ranger, and they do so. Fox does not give Ranger his blessing, but he accepts Ranger and Charmer's friendship.

Later, Charmer meets Ranger again and they confess their love and rub their heads together. After Scarface is killed by Adder, Fox finally gives Ranger his blessing and Ranger and Charmer become mates.

Physical Appearance Edit

Like her brothers and sister, Charmer is a light shade of orange, with a small "ruff" at her cheeks like other red vixens have. Around her eyes are cream patches with the points at the back facing downwards, and her cheek patches (which come in at a point about halfway up her muzzle) connect with the cream-coloured fur on her underbelly (she is the only vixen in the show to have this). Like her siblings and Father, her tail ends in a cream tip.

Charmer is noted for her beauty in the books, as Vixen stated that "she [Charmer] has very winning ways".



TV Series

Trivia Edit

Charmer is unique among other vixens, in that she is the only vixen whose paler underbelly connects to the paler markings on her cheeks.

She is also the only fox in the series to have green eyes.

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