— Cleo mimicking Weasel to Measley.
Cleo in the TV series
Name Cleo
Species Least Weasel
Gender Female
Mate unknown
Offspring unknown
First TV Appearance Out and About
Voiced by Pamela Keevilkral (UK)
Sabine Bohlmann (Germany)

Cleo is a weasel who appears in the TV series. She is the daughter of Weasel and Measley, who also have a son named Fido. Cleo looks like the spitting image of her mother (with the exception of having her pale underbelly not connecting to her cheek patches, the same as her father's) and she and Fido get up to all sorts of trouble much like their parents do. However she proves to be very helpful in removing the rats from the park when she bites Bully's tail off.


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