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The Farthing Wood Adder
Scientific classification
Name European Adder
Kindgom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Reptilia
Order Squamata
Family Viperidae
Subfamily Viperinae
Genus Vipera
Species V. berus
Genus Vipera
Binomial name
Binomial Vipera berus
Binomial Authority (Carl Linnaeus, [[Wikipedia:

10th edition of Systema Naturae|1758]])

  • [Coluber] berus
  • [Coluber] Chersea
  • Coluber prester
  • Coluber vipera Anglorum
  • Coluber Melanis
  • Coluber Scytha
  • C[oluber]. Scytha
  • Vipera melanis
  • Vipera berus
  • Vipera chersea
  • Vipera prester
  • [Coluber] Caeruleus
  • Vipera communis
  • Coluber chersea
  • [Pelias] berus
  • [Vipera] marasso
  • Vipera limnaea
  • Vipera trilamina
  • [Pelias] Chersea
  • Vipera torva
  • Pelias dorsalis
  • V[ipera]. Prester var. gagatina
  • Echidnoides trilamina
  • Vipera Pelias
  • Pelias berus var. Prester
  • Pelias berus var. Chersea
  • P[elias berus] Var. dorsalis
  • P[elias berus]
  • Var. niger
  • V[ipera]. (Pelias) berus
  • V[ipera]. (Pelias) berus var. prester
  • V[ipera]. (Pelias) berus var. lymnaea
  • Pelias Chersea
  • Pelias berus
  • Vipera berus var. prester
  • Vipera berus [berus]
  • [Vipera berus] var. montana
  • Vipera berus
  • Pelias berus lugubris
  • Vipera berus pelias
  • [Vipera (Pelias) berus] forma brunneomarcata
  • [Vipera (Pelias) berus] forma luteoalba
  • [Vipera (Pelias) berus] forma ochracea symmetrica
  • [Vipera (Pelias) berus] rudolphi-marchica
  • [Vipera (Pelias) berus] forma bilineata
  • Vipera (Pelias) berus forma chersea-splendens
  • Vipera (Pelias) berus forma ochracea-splendens
  • Vipera (Pelias) berus forma rutila
  • Vipera (Pelias) berus forma punctata
  • Coluber sachalinensis continentalis
  • P[elias]. sudetica
  • V[ipera]. berus marchici
  • Vipera berus rudolphi
  • Vipera berus berus
  • [Pelias] elberfeldi
  • Pelias rudolphi
  • Pelias schöttleri
  • P[elias]. tyrolensis
  • Pelias schreiberi
  • Pelias flavescens
  • Pelias subalpina
  • Pelias neglecta
  • Vipera berus sphagnosa
  • Pelias occidentalis
  • Pelias occidentalis oldesloensis
  • Pelias occidentalis orbensis
  • Pelias sudetica forma steinii
  • Vipera marchici
  • Pelias sudetica steinii forma emarcata
  • Vipera (Vipera) berus berus
  • Vipera berus forma brunneomarcata
  • Vipera berus forma ochracea-asymmetrica
  • Vipera berus forma luteoalba
  • Pelias schoettleri
  • Coluber coeruleus
  • Vipera berus

The European Adder (officially known as Vipera berus) is a species of adder found only in Western Europe and Eastern Asia. They are featured in all three seasons of The Animals of Farthing Wood TV series and all The Animals of Farthing Wood books excluding Farthing Wood: The Adventure Begins (although there is mention of "reptiles" which could include adders).

Know European AddersEdit

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Television Series
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