From left to right: Newt, Baby Newt and Mrs Newt
Name The Newts
Species Newts
Gender 2 Males & 1 Female
Status Ambiguous
Cause of Death Possibly burned in a fire
Mate Mr.& Mrs. Newt (mates)
Offspring Baby Newt
First Book Appearance None
First TV Appearance Episode 1
Voiced by Ron Moody

Sally Grace

Stacy Jefferson

The Farthing Wood Newts are among the animals that begin the journey from Farthing Wood to White Deer Park in the TV series. They replace the lizards that appear in the first book.

There are three newts in the TV series; Newt, Mrs Newt and their Baby Newt, who does not appear until the second episode. The newts struggle early on, suffering from extreme thirst, but the family is saved when Owl locates a swimming pool and they are revitalised after swimming in the water with Toad. The newts continue to struggle as the group moves on to the army land, so they decide to stay behind when they discover some marshland. Badger protests against the decision but Fox reluctantly agrees and the other animals move on, leaving the newts behind.

After the other animals have moved on, a fire rages through the army land they have just left. Toad later informs Badger that the flames are being blown towards the other side of the marsh, the side where the newts have been left behind. The fate of the newts is never revealed, but when Badger recaps the events at the beginning of the next episode he says: "for the newts there was no escape", suggesting that they died in the fire.

Although there are no newts in the group that begins the journey to White Deer Park in the first book, there are newts in Farthing Wood in Farthing Wood: The Adventure Begins, the prequel set five years before the journey begins. It is assumed that the newts all died out before the events of the first book.