Shrew and Mrs Shrew in the TV series

The Farthing Wood Shrews are among the animals that travel from Farthing Wood to White Deer Park in the TV series. There are no shrews among the group of Farthing Wood travellers in the books.

In the TV series, two shrews make the journey to White Deer Park; Shrew and Mrs Shrew. The shrews look virtually identical to each other and can only be disinguished by their voices, which are both very shrill. They have a very minor role on the journey, generally staying quiet and usually only talking during meetings with the voles and fieldmice. Both shrews arrive safely at the park and survive through the first winter, unlike the voles and Mrs Fieldmouse who all die early in the second series. The shrews make a few appearances during the rest of the second series, but are absent in the third series, probably dying of old age as the voles and fieldmice do by that point in the books.

Although there are no shrews in the group that begins the journey to White Deer Park in the first book, there are shrews in Farthing Wood in Farthing Wood: The Adventure Begins, the prequel set five years before the journey begins. It is assumed that the shrews all died out before the events of the first book.