The Style Guide is a guideline for the style of articles on the wiki. The purpose of the guide is to ensure consistency across the wiki and to avoid disputes over preferred styles.

These guidelines are not official policies of the wiki, so users do not risk punishment for not following them. Also, the content of an article will always take precedence over the style of it, so please do not remove content from a page just because it is not formatted properly. Please either format the article yourself or add the {{Cleanup|Reason for cleanup}} tag to the article.

These guidelines are not set in stone and discussion of more effective ideas is welcomed on the talk page. However, please wait until the new guidelines have been discussed and approved before changing them on this page.

Style GuidelinesEdit


Articles should be created for subjects whichg are directly related to the book series, TV series, or merchandise based on the series, such as toys, videos and magazines. Articles should not include any references to fanfiction or any other subject not directly related to the books or TV series.

Articles should include information which is accurate, well-written and informative to the reader. All information must be verifiable and completely relevant to the subject of the article. Articles should also include the relevant templates where necessary and the relevant categories at the bottom to make navigation around the wiki easier.


As a general rule, British spellings are preferred over American ones, as the wiki is based on a British book series and television programme. Articles should not include slang terms or unnecessary exclamation marks (unless included within a direct quote from the series).

Character/plot summariesEdit

When writing a summary for the plot of a book or episode, or summarising a character's role in a particular book or series, please remember to write in the present tense, which is standard practice when writing about events of books or television series.

For characters who appear in both the books and the TV series, the summary of their role in the book should come first, and include all important events in the relevant detail. When summarising their role in the TV series, it should only include events that did not occur in the books, or detail significant changes in plot or character between the two. This is done to avoid having two long (and relatively similar) summaries on each of these articles.