Farthinghurst is a human township that was built over the previous location of Farthing Wood.

Owl sorrowfully recognizes it from the great beech tree that serves as a reminder of what once was.

Farthing Hurst is home to Hollow, Sooty as well as Woodpecker, Robin, Moth-Eaten Rook's mate and an unnamed tawny female owl (who competes for Hollow's attention).

Book Locations
Tom Griggs's FarmWhite Deer Park Copse
TV Series Locations
Recurring Locations
Farthing Wood (PondStreamBadger's Set)
White Deer Park (Scarface's LandStreamThe Warden's CabinFarthingland)
Rookery Copse
The Town (CemeteryWhisper's Earth)
The Adventure Begins Locations
FarthingheathThe Trout Farm

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