The hare in season three
Name Hare (real name unknown)
Species European Hare
Gender Male
Mate Unknown
Offspring Unknown
First TV Appearance The Long Tailed Visitor
Voiced by Rupert Farley

The Hare (whose real name isn't revealed) is a character from series three who appears briefly in episode thirty-three. He is voiced by Rupert Farley.


When the foxes confront Spike about where the location of the rats' nest, Spike claims that "the rabbit" knows where the nest is. He says "I'm not a rabbit, but yes, I do know where it is", and he leads the foxes to it, and says that he was born there and that rats were always in the nests there. He isn't seen after this.

Farthing Wood or White Deer Park hare?Edit

It is not revealed whether or not he is decendant of the Farthing Wood Hares or not, but it is mentioned by him that he was born in the nest that belongs to the rats in series 3, and the fact that he looks older than both Dash, but younger than Leveret makes this is very unlikely unless he is the other hare that was born in series 2 to Hare and Mrs Hare.

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