Husky in the books
Name Husky
Species Red Fox
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by The Beast
Mate None
Offspring None
First Book Appearance The Siege of White Deer Park

Husky is a red fox who appears in The Siege of White Deer Park. He is a son of Bold and Whisper and inherits his father's stout appearance. He does not appear in the TV series, as The Siege of White Deer Park was never adapted due to the amount of violence and peril in the book.

During his second spring Husky accompanies his uncle Friendly and the other foxes on their expedition to seek out The Beast and remove it from the park. When the three young foxes go to search for food, Husky suggests to Rusty and Pace that they eat the remains of a white deer which have been left by the Beast. The others are reluctant but they eventually agree and eat the remains of the deer carcass, but the Beast watches them from the branch of a tree as they do so.

The following evening the foxes search out the Beast again and the trail takes them into a copse. Here the Beast jumps down from a tree, grabs Husky in its jaws and jumps back onto the 'terrifyingly' high branches with the young fox in its jaws. The other foxes soon realize that they are no match for the huge cat and go for help, at which point the Beast drops Husky and he falls to his death.



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