I'll Never Be Sausages in TV series
Name I'll Never Be Sausages
Species Domestic Pig
Gender Male
Mate None
Offspring None
First TV Appearance Scared Silly by Snakes
Voiced by Jeremy Barrett

Andrea L'Arronge (Germany)

I'll Never Be Sausages is a self-named friendly piglet encountered by Fido and Cleo after they get angry with their parents and run towards a motorway. When the kits find him, they ask about his origin and I'll Never Be Sausages explains that he was on his way to a slaughterhouse when the vehicle he traveled in crashed and let him loose. He also tells them that his parents has been turned into sausages and that he's an orphan. The weasels decide adopt the him as their friend and guardian after they believe their former weasel-dog Rollo to have drowned. Later, Weasel allows a Wild Boar to adopt the piglet as his own when she becomes fed up with its noise.


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