Kindly Badger
Kindly Badger and Sage Hedgehog
Name Kindly Badger
Species European Badger
Gender Male
Mate Unnamed sow badger
Offspring Badger
Unnamed female badger
First Book Appearance Farthing Wood: The Adventure Begins

Kindly Badger is a badger from Farthing Wood: The Adventure Begins. He is the father of Badger.

Farthing Wood: The Adventure BeginsEdit

Kindly Badger is the father of Badger. He has a minor role in Farthing Wood: The Adventure Begins, only appearing a total of five times in the novel.

He is the one to tell the stout and lean foxes why the otters stop coming to the Wood to hunt. He says that they are sick because they stopped eating fish and are now eating the voles. But Quick Weasel offers a more clear reason: Lean Vixen and Sly Stoat layed a trail of infected voles to the Farthing Wood stream.

Kindly Badger talks with the foxes and Sage Hedgehog about what they are going to do about all the humans in Farthing Wood. They soon agree that a Farthing Wood Assembly should be held. At the Assembly he voices his opinion, they should bring the otters back to the Wood. But this plan fails and all the animals except for Kindly Badger and Sage Hedgehog both point out to each other that the Assembly was useless.

He only has two very minor appearances later in the book. The first he tells his son that their set will always be there and that Young Badger will grow old in the set (though he is proven wrong in the events of The Animals of Farthing Wood where he has to leave the Wood and the set). He is last seen amongst the party of animals (which includes Lightning Weasel and Sly Stoat) that is searching for the Otters, but he doesn't speak.



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