Lame Otter and Long-Whiskers
Lame Otter (left) with Long-Whiskers (right) before his death.
Name Lame Otter
Species European Otter
Gender Male
Mate Long-Whiskers
Offspring None
First Book Appearance Farthing Wood: The Adventure Begins

Lame Otter is a Farthing Wood Otter who appears in Farthing Wood: The Adventure Begins.

Farthing Wood: The Adventure BeginsEdit

Lame Otter is one of the seven otters to survive the foxes' violent attack on the otters. He is crippled from a fight with a young fox in his back leg, but he manages to escape with Sleek Otter, Long-Whiskers, Slow Otter and three other females. In the outside world the otters numbers quickly begin to drop, three of the females are killed in various accidents: being struck by a motorcycle, drowning and killed by a dog. He, Sleek and Slow Otter and Long-Whiskers are the only remaining Farthing Wood Otters after this.

He is seperated from Sleek Otter and Long-Whiskers after Slow Otter is killed by a train. He spots a crow flying over head and sees the mangled head of Slow Otter in its beak and knows that he is the last dog otter and because of this, he mates with Long-Whiskers as he knows he will die because of his injury and after this, Lame Otter and Long-Whiskers part ways with Sleek Otter to return to Farthing Wood to raise their cubs, they are oblivious for some time that Sleek Otter is killed by a car the next morning.

The night after Sleek Otter's death the two take refuge at The Trout Farm but are chased to an apple orchard by humans. Lame Otter overexerts himself to escape capture and he is left very weak after this.

Long-Whiskers: "Brave Creature, you saved yourself."
Lame Otter: "At some...cost...I'm afraid."
Long-Whiskers and Lame Otter[src]

That night, the pair move on, and are chased once again by the humans, and they end up in a savage fight with a family of badgers in which Lame Otter is fatally injured and dies in the morning from his injuries.


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