Lean Fox and Sleek Otter
Lean Fox talking to Sleek Otter and cubs.
Name Lean Fox
Species Red Fox
Gender Male
Mate Lean Vixen
Offspring Four unnamed cubs
First Book Appearance Farthing Wood: The Adventure Begins

Lean Fox is a red fox who appears in Farthing Wood: The Adventure Begins.

Farthing Wood: The Adventure BeginsEdit

Lean Fox hears his mate calling for him and when he arrives, he finds out that the problem she alerted him about is otters stealing her food and poaching on her land. Lean Fox tries to chase the otters off her hunting territory, but fails and is taunted. Then he tries talking to them which fails and he is taunted again.

The next day, Lean Fox loses a rabbit that he was chasing, which is witnessed by Sleek Otter and he is taunted again by her and her cubs. Then the two get into a fight, Lean Fox taking more injuries than Smooth Otter, until Lean Vixen shows up, the two work together and they maul Smooth Otter, leaving him bleeding from a dozen gashes.

He is present when Lean Vixen and Stout Fox lead all the foxes in Farthing Wood after the otters, and when the otters are killed (except for two females, Sleek Otter, Long-Whiskers, Lame and Slow Otter). After this attack, he is absent when his mate talks with the stout foxes about the incident, and Lean Vixen is satisfied with what they did.

When the sickness is spreading through Farthing Wood, already having claimed the lives of Quick Weasel and Wily Stoat, he is concered about the different humans in the Wood and the sickness getting to his and Lean Vixen's new born cubs, which is all that she is concerned about, she passes off the humans as nothing.

At the First Assembly of Farthing Wood, Lean Fox doesn't say much about the subject of the sickness or the bringing the surviving otters back to Farthing Wood, but Lean Vixen states her opinion and makes it clear amongst the other animals, she doesn't want to return them, and is only worried about her cubs.

When him and Lean Vixen are hunting rabbits are after the rain, they notice the Morass, and pass it off, but he is caught in the mud and tells Lean Vixen not to jump, but the land gives with under her weight, burying both the lean foxes in mud, and in the morning their bodies are seen floating in the mud by Jay and Nervous Squirrel.




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