Stout Fox and Lightning Weasel
Stout Fox asking Lightning Weasel to help him save his sickened mate.
Name Lightning Weasel
Species Least Weasel
Gender Male
Mate Quick Weasel
Unnamed female weasel
Offspring Weasel (unconfirmed)
Several unnamed cubs
First Book Appearance Farthing Wood: The Adventure Begins

Lightning Weasel is a male Least Weasel from Farthing Wood: The Adventure Begins and is the mate of Quick Weasel. He is the unconfirmed father of the Farthing Wood Weasel. His name comes from being able to run faster than Quick Weasel; "lightning fast".

Farthing Wood: The Adventure BeginsEdit

Lightning Weasel is one of several characters introduced later in the book as mates for characters that appear from the beginning, first appearing in March when spring is just coming to a start. He is implied to mate with Quick Weasel after a brief courtship between the two.

When his mate comes down sick with the parasite from the infected voles, he is forced to have to catch Quick Weasel food, while trying not to come down with the sickness himself. However, Quick Weasel dies several days later and he rather quickly gets a new mate, whom he mentions to Stout Fox when he is trying to save his new mate from dying as Quick Weasel did.

"That’s right. And now I have another mate. If yours dies, you'll soon find another too. That's nature, isn't it?"
— Lightning Weasel to Stout Fox.

But he didn't help Stout Fox to save Stout Vixen and left Stout Fox to seek help from Sage Hedgehog and Sly Stoat.

Near the close of Chapter 17: Fear and Regret he is seen sniffing the body and mourning the death of Long-Whiskers after Stout Fox's failed attempt at saving her.


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