The magpie in the books
Name Magpie
Species European Magpie
Gender Male
Mate Unknown
Offspring Unknown
First Book Appearance The Fox Cub Bold

The Magpie appears during The Fox Cub Bold. He spots Bold running through the downland in broad daylight and mutters disapproval to himself about the fox's behaviour. When Bold lets a vole go free the magpie remarks to himself that the fox is not a great hunter and will have to improve or he won't survive long.

The magpie starts to feed on a dead wood pigeon, but Bold dashes up and causes him to take flight. The bird criticises Bold for not hunting live quarry and snatching a meal from a weaker creature than himself. Bold leaves the pigeon and the magpie warns him about the dangers of being around during the day, but the young fox ignores these remarks and the magpie flies away, before later returning to the remains of the pigeon.

The magpie does not appear in the TV series and his role is instead given to Crow.



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