"You're gorgeous!"
— Measley to Weasel.
Measley in the TV series
Name Measley
Species Least Weasel
Gender Male
Status Alive
Mate Weasel
Offspring Fido
First TV Appearance A Heroes' Welcome
Voiced by Jeremy Barrett (UK)
Timothy Bateson (Audio Productions)
Pierre Franckh (Germany)
Bertil Engh (Sweden)
Trond Brænne (Norway)

Measley is a weasel who appears in the TV series. He is a resident of White Deer Park and becomes the mate of Weasel shortly after the Farthing Wood animals arrive at

the reserve.

Measley constantly shows his affection for Weasel, but she does not always return these affections and often insults him, calling him a "measley twerp". Measley is just as silly and loud as Weasel, and their behaviour gets them into trouble when Trey tells them that he hates the noise they make.

This danger causes them to leave the park to bring up their children, Fido and Cleo. Eventually though, after facing the danger of the outside, they deicide to go back to the park, where their friends are. They return just in time to aid the others in the war against the rats.

Trivia Edit

Like Weasel Measley is depicted larger than a Least Weasel in the TV series and resembles a Stoat!


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