Mrs Pheasant
Mrs Pheasant in the TV series
Name Mrs Pheasant
Species Common Pheasant
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Shot by Tom Griggs
Mate Pheasant
Offspring None
First Book Appearance The Animals of Farthing Wood
First TV Appearance The Wood in Danger
Voiced by Sally Grace

Andrea Wildner (Germany)
Monica Forsberg (Sweden)
Unn Vibeke Hol (Norway)

Mrs. Pheasant is a pheasant who appears in the books and the TV series. She begins the journey from Farthing Wood to White Deer Park with Pheasant, but both are killed by Tom Griggs as the animals travel through some farmland.


Mrs Pheasant has a very minor role in the books, only being mentioned a few times scolding her husband for his selfishness and lack of helpfulness towards the other animals. While the other animals rest in the storeroom on the farm, she joins her husband while he keeps watch for them. However, they are both shot dead by the farmer after he startles them and they try to fly away.

TV seriesEdit

In the TV series Mrs Pheasant is constantly trying to please her husband, who relies on her to look after him. When Pheasant's plumage is blown off by a bullet, she tries to help by replacing it with one of Owl's stray tail feathers, but Pheasant is ungrateful and tells her to remove it. When it is Pheasant's turn to keep watch on the farmland he is too busy trying to sleep so Mrs Pheasant goes instead. However, when she goes back to warn the others about the farmer she is spotted and shot dead. Her dead body is later seen by Pheasant on the farmer's window.



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