Paddock in TV series
Name Paddock
Species European Green Toad
Gender Female
Status Alive
Mate Toad
Offspring Various unnamed tadpoles
First Book Appearance In the Grip of Winter
First TV Appearance Home Is Where the Heart Is
Voiced by Sally Grace

Paddock is a female toad who appears in the books and the TV series. She becomes the mate of Toad shortly after his first winter in White Deer Park. They are both captured outside the park in jam jars, but are separated when Whistler drops Paddock's jar on the ground and she escapes. They are reunited in the park and mate instantly, laying their spawn in the pond, but they separate at the end of the summer.


Paddock is captured in a jam jar by two young boys as she returns to the pond of her birth in White Deer Park. Whistler attempts to save Toad, who has also been caught by the boys, but he picks up Paddock's jar instead. When he discovers his mistake Whistler accidentally drops the jar onto the ground, but Paddock emerges from the broken jar unharmed and continues her journey to the pond.

As she enters the park she is met by Kestrel, who comes up with a plan to introduce her to Toad. Fox brings Toad to Paddock, and he immediately hops onto her back so she can carry him to the pond. Here they mate and Paddock lays her eggs at the bottom of the pond.

During Fox's Feud, Toad reveals that he and Paddock have separated now that the mating season is over and that he may rejoin her the following spring. However Paddock is not seen again in any of the subsequent books.



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