Name Quick Weasel
Species Least Weasel
Gender Female
Mate Lightning Weasel
Offspring Unknown
First Book Appearance Farthing Wood: The Adventure Begins

Quick Weasel is a female weasel who only appears in Farthing Wood: The Adventure Begins as the mate of Lightning Weasel. She is the only known weasel in any of the eight books or all three series that dies. It is unclear whether she is the mother of the Farthing Wood Weasel, as it is unknown whether she gives birth before she dies of a parasite.

Physical appearanceEdit

Quick Weasel is a dark brown weasel, and she has a lighter yellow underbelly. She also has a feature that stoats have, a black tip on her tail and thin front and back legs. Quick Weasel also has green eyes.

Farthing Wood: The Adventure BeginsEdit

She first talks with Sly Stoat about how the two and others of their species are always having their prey being taken from them by otters such as Sleek and Smooth Otter. Sly Stoat tells her of Lean Vixen's plan to give the otters poisoned voles, and she is one of the few that knows of it until after the otters fall sick, when she tells Kindly Badger, Stout Fox, Lean Fox and Stout Vixen about it and that Sly Stoat and Lean Vixen have planned the whole thing.

The otters return to the woods after they are able to cure themselves of the parasite with help from Smooth Otter, and Quick Weasel was chased by two male otters, Smooth and Slow Otter, under the watch of Nervous Squirrel and an owl.

After the death of Smooth Otter and the slaughter lead by Stout Fox and Lean Vixen on the otters, she takes a mate called Lightning Weasel, who is much faster than she is. It is implied that the two mate after a courtship of the two running through the grass and flowers and grooming each other.

In the spring, Quick Weasel comes down with the same sickness that Wily Stoat has already come down with, and she becomes lethargic, losing her ability to run fast and so becomes known as "Slow Weasel" by Nervous Squirrel. She eventually succumbs to the parasite around the same time Wily Stoat, but it is unknown whether she has had Lightning Weasel's children or not.


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