Ranger and his sister
Ranger (left) and his sister (right)
Name Unknown
Species Blue Fox
Gender Female
Status Unknown
Mate Unknown
Offspring Unknown
First TV Appearance A Joke Backfires
Voiced by Sally Grace

Ranger's sister is a blue fox who is the daughter of Scarface and Lady Blue in the TV series. She only appears in three episodes of Season 2, as a background character. She is one of the two recurring foxes that isn't given an official name, the other being Bold's guard.

Ranger's sister is never named or given any character development during the series, although various fans have given her a name and complete personality in fanfiction. In some fanfictions she is given Friendly as a mate in place of Russet and they have at least two litters of cubs.

Physical apperanceEdit

She shares some resemblance to her mother, Lady Blue, and is the exact shade of blue that she is. However, the hair on the back of her head is not as long as her mother's and is a ligher tint of blue than hers, and her tail is tipped with a lighter tint of blue, whereas Lady Blue's is lighter on the underside. Her underbelly is also that same shade of blue, and it does not connect with the patches on her cheeks, ending instead in three pointed peaks. Her eyes are also an amber colour, as are all red and blue foxes in the series other than Charmer, who has green eyes.


Ranger does mention that he has several sisters in the books, but none of them appear, so this particular sister is regarded as a TV only character.

TV SeriesEdit

Series 2Edit

Ranger's sister appears in three separate episodes. The first is when she is born, she is seen very briefly laying against Lady Blue's stomach when Ranger is playing with Scarface's paw.

She appears in one of the episodes with the poachers, when her mother chases Weasel, and is seen running away with Ranger and another male cub after hearing a gunshot. It is unknown what becomes of her second brother after this though, and he is assumed by some to be Blaze, who is Ranger's only other known brother in the books.

She is last seen tripping Ranger with her leg. Scarface calling them both 'yellow' did not offend her as much as it did Ranger as she did not cry during the scene when he did. She does not appear in any subsequent episodes and it is not revealed what happened to her after this event.


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