Vixen and Fox mourn the loss of Bold
Episode Information
Series 2
Episode No. 13 (26 overall)
UK Airdate 30 March 1994
Written by Valerie Georgeson
Episode Chronology
Preceded by Blood Is Thicker Than Water
Succeeded by Comings and Goings
"'ve forgotten, that the end of my line...I..will be avenged..."
Scarface's last words before he dies.

Reconciliation is the thirteenth episode of the second series of The Animals of Farthing Wood. It was broadcast in the UK on 30 March 1994 and is the Series 2 finale.


Bold and Whisper arrive at the park, and, as Whisper looks for food, Bold crawls away to die. In the park, the animals celebrate Fox's triumph over Scarface- but Scarface makes a shocking return, vindictively killing Mrs Rabbit.

As Scarface drinks from a stream, Adder sneaks up on him and bites him in the leg, poisoning and finally killing the tyrant. Adder tells Toad that she killed Scarface and the news spreads among the Farthing Wood animals.

Whisper enters the park and tells Fox and Vixen of Bold's condition. They head off to see him and Fox apologizes to Bold before he dies. Ranger and Charmer arrive and Fox finally gives the young foxes his blessing.


Animals of Farthing Wood- Adder kills Scarface

Animals of Farthing Wood- Adder kills Scarface

Adder kills Scarface.

  • When Adder goes to kill Scarface, the fox stands with his front legs in the stream and his back legs on land, however when he has been bitten, Scarface's back legs are now in the stream and he manages to land after rearing up with one leg in the stream.
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