The first series of The Animals of Farthing Wood chronicled the events of the first book, following the animals' journey from Farthing Wood to White Deer Park. It was originally broadcast in the United Kingdom in 1993.


Episode Title UK Airdate
The Wood in Danger 6 January 1993
Farthing Wood is being destroyed by humans, so the animals call an assembly to decide what action to take. Toad tells his friends about a nature reserve called White Deer Park and the animals decide to travel and live there. Fox is chosen as leader of the group and the animals take the Oath of Mutual Protection, vowing to protect each other on their journey.
The Journey Begins 13 January 1993
The animals begin their journey to White Deer Park, but it is soon clear that they need to find water. Owl finds a swimming pool they can drink from and the animals all quench their thirst. Then they all cross a road in order to reach a piece of army land, where they can rest for the night.
Through Fire and Through Water 20 January 1993
The animals wake up on the army land and find a marsh where they can drink. The newts decide to stay behind, but the rest of the animals move on. Fire begins to spread through the army land and, after Fox goes back to rescue Toad, the animals find a narrow causeway onto a small island and wait there for the humans to put out the fire.
False Haven 27 January 1993
The animals move onto farmland and find a barn where they can escape from the rain. Mrs Pheasant keeps watch for the group but is killed by the farmer, who traps the animals inside the barn, believing Fox to have killed his chickens. Mole is able to dig a tunnel while Adder occupies the farmer's dog and the animals escape to a copse at the top of a hill.
Snare for the Unwary 3 February 1993
The animals discover that Adder has been left at the farm and Pheasant goes back to fetch her. However, he is killed by the farmer so Owl is sent to bring Adder to the copse. At the copse, the animals meet a family of rooks and Mole saves one of the baby rabbits from a snare. The animals move on and cross a river, but Fox is left behind as he tries to help the panicking rabbits. The rabbits are rescued but Fox and Badger, who went back to help, are swept away by a mass of debris.
Who Shall Wear the Crown? 10 February 1993
Badger is rescued from the debris, but Fox is nowhere to be seen. Kestrel discovers Fox floating on some driftwood, but he disappears as he goes under a bridge. Badger takes over leadership of the party, but Toad's homing instincts take the group in the wrong direction. To make matters worse, the fieldmice have babies and the animals are forced to pause their journey.
New Friends, Old Enemies 17 February 1993
Fox leaves the river and goes through a town, before moving into open country. He rests in a fox's earth and meets a female fox called Vixen, and they go hunting together. Meanwhile, the fieldmice and voles decide to stay behind to look after the babies, but the young mice are killed by a shrike and the small animals decide to rejoin the group on its journey.
Friends in Need 24 February 1993
Fox and Vixen go in search of the other animals and discover that the scent is divided. They split up, but a fox hunt picks up Vixen’s scent and pursues her. Fox tries to head off the hounds but they split into two groups and chase them both. Fox escapes and is reunited with his old friends but Vixen is nearly caught by the hunt, until Adder saves her by striking out at the master's horse. Vixen then decides to join the group as Fox’s mate.
Whistler's Quarry 3 March 1993
The animals head to a quarry in search of water, and Mole digs under the fence so they can all get inside. They meet a heron called Whistler who saves Toad from a carp that tries to swallow him. Whistler decides to join the group so he and Vixen take the oath together. The animals leave the quarry and walk into a pheasant shoot, and one of the baby rabbits is killed after running into the open.
Between Two Evils 10 March 1993
The animals encounter a motorway which they must cross to reach White Deer Park. The traffic is stationary on one side and they all cross safely, but the traffic is moving quickly on the other side. Whistler carries the smaller animals across but the others have to run for it. Most of them make it but the hedgehogs are too slow and are run over by a lorry.
A Deathly Calm 17 March 1993
The animals travel through a field, which has been poisoned by the humans leaving nothing to eat. Fox, Vixen, Owl and Whistler scavenge for food in a nearby town and the animals move on to another field. However, they encounter a human machine poisoning the field and are forced back again. Fox decides that the best way to White Deer Park is through the town.
Pandemonium 24 March 1993
The animals travel through the town during a storm and decide to take refuge in a church. They get in through a hole in the wall and sleep, but in the morning the hole is repaired and humans arrive at the church. The animals take flight, running all around the church before eventually escaping. Most of the animals regroup, but they discover that some of their friends are missing.
So near and yet so far... 31 March 1993
The birds go in search for the missing animals, and Owl leads Badger and Weasel, who had hidden in a human cellar, back to the group. Kestrel fetches Adder and the smaller animals from a golf course and Whistler finds the rabbits at a construction site. Fox rescues them and all the animals head off to White Deer Park, where they are welcomed by The Great White Stag.

VHS releaseEdit

The first series was released on VHS in the United Kingdom in 1993. It was split into three videos; each video combining several TV episodes to form a feature-length episode of the series. Due to time contraints on the VHS, many scenes from the series were cut, meaning that the episodes were never released in full on any home media until the complete series DVD was released in 2016. The entire first series has also been released on DVD in France and Germany.

  • Volume 1: The Journey Begins
  • Volume 2: From Copse to Quarry
  • Volume 3: On to White Deer Park
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