Shadow in season 3
Name Shadow
Species European Badger
Gender Female
Status Alive
Mate Unseen male badger (books)
Hurkel (TV series)
Offspring Various unnamed cubs
First Book Appearance The Fox Cub Bold
First TV Appearance Like Father, Like Son
Voiced by Sally Grace (UK)
Angelika Bender (Germany)
Liv Bernhoft Osa (Norway)

Shadow is a female badger who appears in the books and the TV series. She is encountered by Bold when he leaves White Deer Park, who saves her from a trap that had been set for him. In return Shadow becomes Bold's friend and helps to feed him when he is injured by a gunshot wound. She is given her name by Bold because of her constant watch over him after his injury. In the third TV series she travels to White Deer Park and becomes the mate of a male badger called Hurkel. Together they essentially take the role of Badger in the story, who died of old age in the previous series.

In the only book in which she appears, Shadow has three cubs who help her carry food to Bold when he cannot move. No mate is ever mentioned, but it is assumed that she has (or at least had) one in order to have the cubs. Unlike in the TV series, Shadow does not appear again after Bold leaves to live in the town.


The Fox Cub BoldEdit

Shadow first encounters Bold after he stays in her set for the night. A few days later she becomes trapped in a snare which was set for Bold, but the young fox arrives and breaks her free, injuring his own eye in the process. Shadow is surprised that he helped her, but she is also grateful and offers to help Bold whenever he may need her.

Shortly after Bold is shot, Shadow is alerted by Robber, so she and three of her kin bring food to him. They suggest that he should return to their set while he recovers and Shadow decides to accompany him on their journey back there. They travel very slowly and Shadow goes hunting, discovering her three youngsters with food for Bold, but when they return to him he has gone.

Shadow later meets Bold again in a vegetable field and he tells her that he does not want her help any longer, and instead intends to live off the humans. Shadow expresses concern for him but respsects his decision and wishes him luck. They meet once more after Bold has caught a bantam on a nearby farm. Bold is worried that Shadow will want to share the food with him, but she is happy to let him keep it for himself and leaves him to eat in peace.



TV Series


In the cartoon show, Shadow speaks with a strong Scottish accent, which further accents her kind and soft nature.

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