Badger dies
Episode Information
Series 2
Episode No. 10 (23 overall)
UK Airdate 11th March 1994
Written by Valerie Georgeson
Episode Chronology
Preceded by Narrow Escapes
Succeeded by A Time of Reckoning

Shadows is the tenth episode of the Second Series of The Animals of Farthing Wood. It originally broadcast in the UK on 11 March 1994.


Bold and Crow have arrived in the town, but Bold is finding it hard to get used to the noise. The two friends make a deal to look out for one another and share any food they find.

In White Deer Park, Adder is still in her hole, and a hungry Scarface is forced to give up guarding her, but he promises he'll get her. "Not if I get you firssst!" Adder hisses. Elsewhere, Weasel and Measly are found guilty, on trial for giving Adder the wrong message. Their punishment is to be thrown into the pond. Friendly tells his parents about Charmer & Ranger's friendship. Fox is angry, calling his daughter a traitor. Charmer stands up for herself, and Vixen is keen for Fox to meet Ranger. "Please don't drive another one of my cubs away Fox". Fox finally relents, and Charmer runs off to find Ranger. Ranger tells Charmer that his father is dealing with Adder, and he is furious that Fox planned to have Adder kill Scarface. He leaves angrilly.

Mossy brings the news that Badger is dying. Fox rushes to his set, and tries to make peace with Badger, but Badger believes he is in his old set in Farthing Wood. "A fox worried about kindness" he rambles "I must be in heaven!". Then Badger closes his eyes for the last time. The animals gather for a sombre funeral. Mossy tries to put on a brave face, at least he doesn't have to pretend to be his father anymore, but really he is deeply upset.
In town, Bold meets a vixen called Whisper, who takes him hunting for rats by the canal. Crow releases Bold from their deal so that Bold can be with Whisper, and he joins her in her earth, in a churchyard. She asks him how he got his injuries, and he tells her his story. Whisper is fascinated to learn that Bold is the son of the Farthing fox.

Charmer and Ranger make peace, and she takes him to meet her father. Fox is impressed by Ranger, who vows not to fight for or against Farthing land. Fox refuses to give his blessing, yet, but accepts their friendship.

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