Sleek Otter mourning the death of her cubs
Name Sleek Otter
Species European Otter
Gender Female
Mate Unnamed male otter
Offspring Three unnamed cubs (two female and one male)
First Book Appearance Farthing Wood: The Adventure Begins

Sleek Otter (also referred as "the sleek one" or "the sleek otter") is a female Farthing Wood Otter who appears in Farthing Wood: The Adventure Begins.

Physical appearanceEdit

She has rather dark tan fur, and a sleek (hence her name) and shiny body. She has an even lighter coloured brown underside.

Farthing Wood: The Adventure BeginsEdit

Sleek Otter is the mother of three cubs, two of them females and one of them male. She is commonly seen trying to get her cubs to eat smaller mammals such as voles, fieldmice and shrews, but they end up eating the poisoned voles laid out by Lean Vixen and Sly Stoat and are killed by the parasite before their mother can get them to eat the cressy plants from Farthing Wood stream.

She is one of the seven otters to escape the bloody attack from the foxes, the other six being Slow Otter, Long-Whiskers, Lame Otter, two otter sisters and a female otter, and she leads them to a trout farm, where one of the sisters is drowned on their fifth day there because of Slow Otter and the other is killed by a farm dog.

After this incident, she leads the remaining otters (exluding Slow Otter) to a log near a train track, and they take refuge there until she comes across the gruesome remains of Slow Otter, although she doesn't know it is him at first, and she orders Long-Whiskers and Lame Otter to move on from the area before anyone else is killed.

Shortly after Lame Otter mates with Long-Whiskers, Sleek Otter makes separate paths with the two, who are returning to Farthing Wood to raise their cubs. She goes towards a town, where her life is cut short the next morning when she is chased behind a car backing from a garage and is crushed by it before the kids' father can intervene.




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