Slow Otter watching Lean Vixen and Smooth Otter fight
Name Smooth Otter
Species European Otter
Gender Male
Mate Unknown
Offspring Unknown
First Book Appearance Farthing Wood: The Adventure Begins

Slow Otter is a Farthing Wood Otter who only appears in Farthing Wood: The Adventure Begins as a minor antagonist in the novel. He is one of the seven otters that survive the attack by the foxes.


Slow Otter is an accomplice of Smooth Otter, who follows him around after Winter's end in search of an easy meal. He and Smooth Otter steal a vole from Sly Stoat. Smooth Otter leaves Slow Otter the vole, but the stoat steals it and runs for his den. Smooth Otter takes him to hunt in the Wood, but he gets left behind, and hears the fight between Lean Vixen and Smooth Otter. When he arrives on the scene he is threatened by Lean Vixen.

"You stupid animal. Do you plan to wrest our food from our very jaws? What kind of madness will you get up to next? Be warned. You too. Try those sort of tricks again and we foxes will drive you from the Wood!"
Lean Vixen to Smooth Otter and Slow Otter

Slow Otter sees sense and leaves Smooth Otter to hunt alone.

After the foxes lead a bloody attack on the otter colony, he blames Smooth Otter for what has happened to them. He and the six others, Sleek Otter, Long-Whiskers, Lame Otter and three other female otters, take refuge under a hedgerow, where he barely makes an effort to search for food. When Sleek Otter informs him and the other otters of The Trout Farm, he is sceptical at first, and refuses to go until Sleek Otter leaves with the other five. After several days of stealing from the tanks Slow Otter becomes jealous of Lame Otter because the female otters get food for him (Lame Otter's injuries prevent him from fishing). When a female otter takes a long time trying to get a large trout for Lame Otter his anger boils over and he climbs up the tank. The female otter then falls into the tank and he refuses to help her. Unfortunately the female otter then drowns and her sister is killed by a dog while looking for her.

Last of the Otters

Long-Whiskers, Sleek and Lame Otter witness the train kill Slow Otter

After getting his fish Slow Otter avoids the rest of the Otters the next day. After the other otters learn of the two otters deaths and find that the tanks are covered with a net they decide to leave the Trout Farm. They don't tell Slow Otter as they don't like him.

Not wanting to be alone Slow Otter follows the other three close behind, but not close enough for them to detect him. When a train rushes by he panics and runs onto the track when he is electrocuted. His body is then destroyed when another train hits him. A crow is later seen carrying a fragment of his severed head in its beak before flying off.


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