Smooth Otter's death
Sly Stoat (behind the tree root) watching Lean Fox killing Smooth Otter.
Name Sly Stoat
Species Stoat
Gender Male
Mate Wily Stoat
Unnamed female stoat
Offspring Several unnamed cubs
First Book Appearance Farthing Wood: The Adventure Begins

Sly Stoat is a male Farthing Wood Stoat who appears in Farthing Wood: The Adventure Begins.

Physical appearanceEdit

Like most stoats, he is completely albino during the winter and brown or tan during the other seasons and has bright red eyes, and has sharp claws and teeth, and resembles a weasel.

Farthing Wood: The Adventure BeginsEdit

Sly Stoat is commonly a victim of Sleek Otter and Smooth Otter's trick of snatching food from larger animals' jaws, but he manages to get his meal back from Slow Otter.

He is involved with Lean Vixen's plan of leaving a trail of the infected voles going to the otters' stream and causes several of the otter cubs and adult otters to succumb to the parasite the voles carried.

After the foxes drive the otters from Farthing Wood, he gets his own retribution for what he did to the otters. Stout Vixen, Wily Stoat and Quick Weasel all eat infected voles, and become gravely sick. He knows that it was the otters' revenge and seeks out Sage Hedgehog, who turns out to be no help, and Wily Stoat and Quick Weasel soon succumb to the parasite, leaving him without a mate.

At the first assembly of Farthing Wood, he wants to go with Stout Fox to look for the otters, and help him return them to the woods, so the wood wouldn't be destroyed, but he chooses not to. When Stout Fox returns, Sly Stoat wishes that he had gone with him, and claims that Long-Whiskers may still be alive if he had, blaming himself for the extinction of the Farthing Wood Otters.


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