Smooth Otter and Badger
Smooth Otter seizes a pigeon fledgling from Young Badger
Name Smooth Otter
Species European Otter
Gender Male
Mate Unknown
Offspring Unknown
First Book Appearance Farthing Wood: The Adventure Begins

Smooth Otter (also know as "the smooth one") is one of the many Farthing Wood Otters in the book Farthing Wood: The Adventure Begins.

Farthing Wood: The Adventure BeginsEdit

Smooth Otter is just a common otter like all the others in Farthing Wood and is the most common nusiance for all of the foxes, weasels and stoats in the Wood, always stealing food from them, and taunting them after worms, and he had convinved other otters to do the same, including Slow and Sleek Otter and many others.


Lean Vixen fights Smooth Otter

One of his first and most common victims is Sly Stoat, who he steals a shrew from, and hands over to Slow Otter, but the stoat takes it back at the last second and Smooth Otter takes Slow Otter on a hunting trip, but they get seperated and Smooth Otter gets in a tug-of-war with Lean Vixen over a pheasant, which is torn apart by the two, and she gives him and Slow Otter this threat:

"Lean Vixen dropped the bird. "You stupid animal," she snarled at Smooth Otter. "Do you plan to wrest our food from our very jaws? What kind of madness will you get up to next? Be warned." She turned to look at Slow Otter. "You too," she growled. "Try those sort of tricks again and we foxes will drive you from the Wood!""
Lean Vixen to Smooth Otter and Slow Otter
Smooth Otter's death

Lean Fox kills Smooth Otter

And he makes a wise remark to her, but he leaves before she can react, and he promises that he won't be defeated that easy, and continues being a pest the next day. He goes after Lean Fox and gets into a fight with him, and leaves Lean Fox covered with bite marks and getting exhausted, but the tables are turned on him when Lean Vixen arrives and the two kill him, leaving him bleeding from a dozen gashes. In the morning, Sly Stoat sniffs at his carcass and says that he deserved what he got, and his body is also later found by two natuarlists and examined briefly.



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