Snare for the Unwary
Episode 5
Fox and Badger watching Pheasant leave
Episode Information
Series 1
Episode No. 5
UK Airdate 3 February 1993
Written by Valerie Georgeson
Episode Chronology
Preceded by False Haven
Succeeded by Who Shall Wear the Crown?

Snare for the Unwary is the fifth episode of the first series of The Animals of Farthing Wood. It was originally broadcast in the UK on 3 February 1993.


After discovering that Adder has been left behind on the farmland, Pheasant volunteers to go back for her to see his wife's final resting place. Sadly, he is also discovered and shot by Tom Griggs the farmer. Fox sends Owl to go back for Adder and, after a night of hunting and travelling, the two return to the copse the next morning.

Meanwhile, after an evening of singing from Weasel, Toad and family of rooks living in the copse, the animals awake to find one of baby rabbits trapped in a snare. Luckily, he is freed when Owl suggests that Mole digs the snare out of the ground.

After saying goodbye to the rooks, the animals continue their journey and come across a wide river which must be crossed. Unfortunately, the rabbits begin to panic and Fox is forced to stay behind and rescue them, but their struggling makes it very difficult for him. Several of the other animals go back to rescue the rabbits and Badger tries to help Fox to the other side of the river, but they are swept away by a huge pile of driftwood and feared dead.


  • This episode marks the death of Pheasant, the last appearance of Tom Griggs, Betsy Griggs and Bruno, and the first appearance of the rooks.
  • The scene with Owl and Adder on the farm was cut from "The Journey Begins" VHS. This episode also overlapped into the "From Copse to Quarry" VHS, which began with animals leaving the copse after one of the rooks gets a bird dropping splattered on his head, which was the final scene of "The Journey Begins" VHS. On the "From Copse to Quarry" VHS, the last shot was also cut so that it could overlap into the next episode.


  • In the shot when the animals are sleeping through the sun rise, the top of Badger's head is not white.
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