Speedy in Series 2
Name Speedy (TV series)
Unnamed (books)
Species Grey heron
Gender Female
Mate Whistler
Offspring Various unnamed chicks
First Book Appearance The Animals of Farthing Wood
First TV Appearance A Heroes' Welcome
Voiced by Pamela Keevilkral (UK)
Kathrin Ackermann (Germany)
Georgia Lepore (Italian)
Liza Öhman (Sweden)
Unn Vibeke Hol (Norway)

Speedy is Whistler's mate in the books and the TV series, although she is never named in any of the books. She is a Grey heron just like Whistler. She has a very minor role in the books but her role is expanded for the TV series.

In the TV series, she is always rather bossy and speaks at inappropriate times, on one occasion prompting Owl to ask Whistler to "gag her" (he puts a pinecone in her beak preventing her from speaking). In the third series, she disappears for most of the series, only returning at the end.


The Animals of Farthing WoodEdit

The unnamed female heron meets Whistler when the Farthing Wood animals arrive in White Deer Park. They immediately become mates and Whistler brings her with him when the animals meet at the hollow a few weeks after arriving at the park. At this point she is very shy around the other animals, especially when Vixen remarks how attractive she is. When the animals go to drink from a barrel near The Warden's house, Whistler toasts his new mate who looks on smilingly.

In the Grip of WinterEdit

The herons struggle to find fish in their usual part of the stream, so Whistler asks his mate whether she knows anywhere else they can hunt. She tells him about a place upstream where they can find several crayfish and leads them to the spot, where they are able to fish very successfully.

Fox's FeudEdit

The herons are fishing in the stream as Adder attacks Scarface's relative, although they do not actually witness the attack. They take a nap nearby and awake to the sound of the fox howling in pain. Whistler discovers that Adder has killed the wrong fox and tells his mate to spread the word to all of their friends that she can find, and they both set off to look for them. They appear together later in the book when Toad tells them about Adder being attacked by Scarface.



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