For the female stoat from the TV series, see Stoat (TV series).
For the stoats that lived in Farthing Wood, see Farthing Wood Stoats.
The stoat in the books
Name Stoat
Species Stoat
Gender Male
Mate Unnamed female stoat
Offspring Unknown
First Book Appearance In the Grip of Winter

The Stoat is a male stoat who appears during In the Grip of Winter. He is first encountered by Badger as he eats a rabbit which has frozen to death during the winter. Badger stops to have a conversation, but the stoat believes that he has competition for his food. He tells Badger how much he is suffering in the cold winter and waits to be left alone to eat in peace, which Badger soon does.

He is encountered again by the Farthing Wood animals when he kills one of the leverets that made the journey with them to White Deer Park. Once again the stoat suspects that they want his food, but they assure him that is not the case as he is eating one of their friends. He tells them how hard it is for him to hunt in the cold weather and informs them that his mate has already died. The animals decide to leave him in peace and he promises not to hunt in their area of the park as they have been so polite towards him.



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