Stout Fox and Sage Hedgehog
Stout Fox asking Sage Hedgehog for the cure to his mate's sickness.
Name Stout Fox
Species Red Fox
Gender Male
Mate Stout Vixen
Offspring Fox (unconfirmed)
Stillborn male cub
Two stillborn female cubs
First Book Appearance Farthing Wood: The Adventure Begins

Stout Fox is a red fox who appears in Farthing Wood: The Adventure Begins. He is possibly the father of the Farthing Wood Fox.

Physical appearanceEdit

Stout Fox, like his mate Stout Vixen, has a stout-looking appearance which may be from eating well, which means he is probably not a common target of the otters. He has bright red fur and a bright yellow underbelly and amber coloured eyes, which is the most common eye color of foxes, red or silver.

Farthing Wood: The Adventure BeginsEdit

He appears first during the winter when Smooth Otter is looking for a playfellow among the larger animals after he fails to get Sly Stoat to chase him through the snow. But Stout Fox instead threatens his life and chases Smooth Otter away from him.

Stout Fox follows the lean foxes' example and searches for a mate, eventually finding a stout vixen like himself hunting a rabbit, and is attracted to her when she manages to kill it without it even being suspicious of her, by chasing her tail to confuse it.

He is one of the two leaders of the group of foxes, the other being Lean Vixen, that attacks the otters after Lean Fox and Vixen kill Smooth Otter, but he only stays near the wood border on purpose and only chases any otters out of the wood that come his way, not killing any otters that night. Shortly after this incident, he wishes that this attack could have been done with less savagery, and he tells his mate about what has happened.

In the spring, he witnesses Stout Vixen, who is carrying his cubs, eat one of the infected voles, but she convinces him that it was a healthy vole because of its scent, and he passes it off as nothing. However, he is still worried about it, especially after the parasite claims the lives of Quick Weasel and Wily Stoat and she begins to get worse. After he looks for help from all the animals at the First Assembly of Farthing Wood, Sage Hedgehog and Lightning Weasel, he leaves Farthing Wood to search for the otters, hoping they know of a cure, but only finds Long-Whiskers, who he fails to save after she is struck by a truck.

Stout Foxes and Fox

Stout Fox and Vixen and their young cub

In the wood, he leads his dying vixen down to the otters' stream to look for the otters' cure of the parasite, and Stout Vixen finds it out completely by accident, and eats a clump of cressy plants and is healed. Two days later, she gives birth to four cubs, but one of the males and both of the females are stillborn, leaving only one stout male, who faces a future of danger.


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