The Long-Tailed Visitor
Episode Information
Series 3
Episode No. 7
UK Airdate 9 November 1995
Written by Steve Walker
Episode Chronology
Preceded by Adventure for the Birds
Succeeded by Scared Silly by Snakes



Meanwhile while the Weasels and Rollo have a nap Cleo and Fido jump in a dog bowl which flows down a river. However at a Bridge the Chief Wildcat prepares to bounce on the weasel pups but they were saved by Rollo and some funny-looking turtles having heads named Terrapins that took them back to shore. Unfortunately when Measly wanted to go back to White Deer Park and Weasel said "no, Rollo" did and he became the Warden's Pet.

Trivia Edit

The music where Charmer and Ranger run off with a saying that the stags and rats can get their comeuppance is heard from Shall I Wear a Crown?

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