The Missing Fox's Friend
Episode Information
Series 3
Episode No. 4
UK Airdate 19 October 1995
Written by Steve Walker
Episode Chronology
Preceded by Water, Water
Succeeded by Tiffs and Tempers



Friendly sees Dash and Plucky have another race, but meets face-to-face with Trey who thinks Friendly is a weasel not a fox. Friendly manages to escape from Trey just in time before he stamps on where he has stood.

Whistler hears Trey's angry cry, and almost crash lands onto Toad. Fox sternly tells Whistler that he needs some landing practice. He apologizes to Fox. Fox who is thinking of Weasel and Measley's departure says Trey is losing his temper again, as such a truth. Trey's cry quite has befuddled Whistler. They also think of Owl, but all agree with Ranger that she will be as lucky as they are.

Owl is flying soggily and she finds her home (actually the town). She stays in the belfry on top of the congregation where she is horrified by the bats. Despite Owl's efforts to tell them about the story of Farthing Wood that is now built differently, the bats repeated as boring. One bat though has found a mate, a rook. She is not to keen on the rook's saying that he loves him, even when she loves him as well. She passes the other owls whilst talking about herself (even she catches 16 worms whilst one catches 24).

Far from Owl's departure, in White Deep Park a young hare is eating grass when Trey comes to his fury to crash head first into some trees knocking the squirrels down. After such a conversation with a furious Trey, Toad agrees that something has to be done. He leads the animals to where Bully and his rats are.

Meanwhile, Weasel and Measley have a new arrival - the two weasels are trying to honk like geese. They try to live in the farm, but the others (including the most annoyed pig) will not let them. So they try to find somewhere else to live (with Weasel saying it is all Measley's fault).

Trivia Edit

  • This is the second episode where the music from Shall I Wear a Crown? is heard from two and a half years ago. It's where Whistler hears Trey's angry cry and crash lands through a little gap where the animals are at Fox's set.
  • This is the first episode in the third series that has Friendly from the previous series. It is also the first episode to feature the town where she has tried to find shelter. The town was from the first series.
  • Some bits of the dramatic music is heard in a high tone when Trey scares the young hare.
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