Mr Griggs
Tom Griggs in the TV series
Name Tom Griggs
Species Human
Gender Male
Mate Betsy Griggs
Offspring Unknown
First Book Appearance The Animals of Farthing Wood
First TV Appearance False Haven
Voiced by Ron Moody

Tom Griggs is a farmer who appears in the first book and the TV series. He shoots dead both of the pheasants, but the order in which he kills them differs between the book and the TV series. Tom Griggs has a guard dog called Jack in the book, who is known as Bruno in the TV series.


Tom Griggs spots the pheasants trying to fly away while he is inspecting the farm after the heavy storm, and shoots them both dead with his shotgun. He then sees that his wife Betsy has locked the Farthing Wood animals in his storeroom. Among them he notices Fox, who he believes is responsible for killing several of his chickens. Mr Griggs leaves Jack in charge of guarding them and returns later to find that they have tunneled out of the storeroom. He blames Jack and kicks him, then fires a shot down the hole, which fails to hit any of the animals.

TV seriesEdit

In the TV series he only sees Mrs Pheasant on watch and shoots her dead. He then locks the other animals in his barn himself and leaves Bruno in charge of watching them. When he comes back he sees Fox trying to escape, but Bruno runs under his legs and causes him to miss with his shot so Fox is able to escape. He later notices Pheasant has returned to the farm to look for Adder and shoots him dead also.



Killed VictimsEdit

Mrs Pheasant

TV series

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