This is the second Farthing Wood fan fiction that I wrote, and I am currently re-writing it, which is why I am posting it here. But I am giving a warning now, there is some gore and mild language in this story. It takes place after the third season of The Animals of Farthing Wood.


Friendly had been walking past several trees, by himself, when he sees two shapes come running toward him, a bright red fox. The son of Bold and Whisper: Plucky, and Dash. She was the daughter of Leveret, and the granddaughter of Hare, who is getting close to passing away, but is still alive. She had a pale brown coat of fur, and green eyes like Charmer, she had two brothers and a sister too. But Plucky, he was born as an only child, unlike most foxes, Whisper only had one cub, and that was Plucky.

He resembled Bold perfectly, except he had black ears, and his fur was a bright red like Whisper, unlike Charmer and Friendly, the two of them had bight orange fur. They ran past him, and Plucky said when Dash passes him, "Sorry Friendly! No time to talk, got to race Dash! I'm close to beating her this time!"

"In your dreams Plucky!" called Dash to him when he begins running again, "I'm faster than you and you know, and I always will be too!"

Plucky didn’t say anything else to his uncle, who also resembles Bold, only he had a tuft of her that sticks up his hair, and he had brighter fur, his was more of a yellow orange than a plain orange like Bold and Fox's. It would be hard to confuse him with Bold, but it had happened before with several vixens Friendly was seeing briefly, amongst them was Bold's widow: Whisper. The two had nearly ended up mating after she had Plucky. The two decided that it was for the best that they remained no more than friends.

Since then, Friendly decided to lay kind of low, but he came out of his depression, which was caused by the death of his brother Bold, who he wasn't there for when he died.

That may have been the reason why he was attracted to Whisper, he was basically a twin of Bold, but that backfired and made his depression worse. But he managed to get through it without a mate. He still doesn't have one currently.

He heard a female voice when he turned around, but he suspected that it is only Whisper or Charmer that noticed him and came to greet him, but when he turned around, he felt his heart start beating rapidly and he started sweating nervously.

Friendly stared with is eyes half closed when he sees a bright blue vixen, then said, “Yeah... uh... yes... he's my father. Follow me." He started to show more signs of being nervous, it is clear that he is in love with the vixen and he didn’t even know who she is yet.

He starts walking slowly towards her, and she asks, "Are you okay? Did I scare you?" She sounds a lot like Lady Blue, and even looks like her in everyway possible, except for markings on her face, the patches around her eyes remind Friendly of his deceased sister Dreamer, they are positioned the same way and everything. He notices her eyes are even the same color as Lady Blue's eyes, an amber-like color.

"No," he responds in a still nervous tone, he is trying not to show that he loves the vixen already and neither knows a lot about the other yet.

But he does manage to see this much: "I just haven't seen a vixen besides my mother-in-law, Lady Blue, Whisper or Charmer in years, you just caught me off guard. You look familiar, they are all related to me."

She replies, in a calm tone, which as of so far, Friendly hasn't been able to find a calm tone, "That's because I'm the daughter of Lady Blue, and brother of Ranger. I wanted to ask the Farthing Wood Fox why I haven't seen my brother in months. I saw him when the rats were attacking me one day, you remember that?"

Friendly frowns, having old wounds opened up at the mention of Ranger, said, "I can answer that for you. Remember all the rats that surrounded you that one day?" Friendly didn't want to bring up what happened to Ranger again. But he had to tell her considering she is his sister.

She nodded, clearly she remembered how the rats nearly killed her, and he resumed, "Well, some of the largest ones, sewer and town rats attacked Ranger when he was finding food for Charmer, his mate, and he bled to death from injures to his stomach and throat."

He noticed the eyes of the vixen get large, when he looked up at her, and well up with tears. She collapsed to the ground. She then began to cry loudly, and Friendly quickly began rubbing his snout against Faschia's, hoping that it will calm her down. He clearly remembers that she has lost now eight family members.

While she was still crying, Faschia managed to speak. "Its just that I had one of my brothers born dead, then two older brothers were shot, a long with an older sister, and then a adder bit my brother Bounder and father, and now Ranger is dead. I hope that my mother doesn't join them before she gets a chance to live a full life, they didn't get to." When she started to cry again, she felt Friendly wrapping his tail around her. She blushed slightly when he did so; he started moving it around slowly, caressing her backside in the process.

"It's alright Faschia," Friendly said, while he continued caressing Faschia with his tail. "Your not the only one that has lost siblings, I've lost two. My brother Bold to a gunshot wound, he died before our parents, and my sister Dreamer was torn about my your father."

"I'm just afraid since your mother has pretty much forgotten about the pack," Faschia choked out through her crying. "And that none of the males that liked me would be interested in me anymore, they'd probably look away from me." With Friendly was still caressing her backside, she started to feel a sensation in her lower body, but she was going to control herself, considering they are out in the open and he was only doing it to calm her down.

Friendly smiled at her, he had also begun to get the same sensation in his body when she placed her tail on his backside. She started to do the same motion on him, "I don't see why. Your the most beautiful thing I've seen in years, how could any male not like you?" She started to move her tail faster around his backside. He can tell that she wanted to be is mate now, considering they have known each other for a while. Friendly had thought she was a different vixen when he first saw her.

She smiled back, starting to move her tail faster around his backside, and she sighed with pleasure, "Oooh... a charmer." She gave another pleasured sigh, and he replied, "No, that's my sister's name. But I've had a few girls call me a charmer every once and a while." She laughed at his joke, and replied, "I can see why," she paused to give another pleasured sigh. "Your the most beautiful male I've seen in years."

And with that, she licked him on the cheek gently, he felt his heart start pounding, and his face glowed a bright red.

"Do you want me to show you my earth?" he asked nervously, the feeling in his body is one that he knows he can only be relieved in one way, and that is why he wants to take her to his earth.

"Yes, I would love to see your earth," she laughed. "And other things too." She normally doesn't act like this, but as he caressed her, she wasn’t able to control herself like she usually can. She knows that mating is the only way that she can get the sensation going through her to stop. The two get up. They began walking in the direction of Friendly's earth, in a rather fast and excited pace too.

Chapter 1: A New Life and Fresh Start

About three months have gone back since the plague of rats threatened White Deer Park, and life had returned to being peaceful once again in the park for all the animals: Blue and Farthing Foxes. Little did the Farthing Animals know is that a new danger would be threatening them one day very soon...

The sun had just risen into the sky of the park when Lady Blue spotted Fox as he came out of his earth slowly. He yawned. She quickly ran over to him clearing she is going to complain to him about something, “Fox. Tell me this. Why did you eat my steak? I saved that for me and Charmer!”

Fox didn’t answer. But he had looked down to her belly and gasped quietly. “I highly doubt you need any more; besides, you just left it laying around in my earth. I figured that you didn’t want it. You’ve gained enough weight to way as much as two or three foxes your age.”

She gasped in offense and snarled at fox. She shouted loudly, and her voice echoed through the Wood. “Excuse me Fox! I worked off some weight killing rats!”

Fox laughed, which instantly angered Lady Blue. “Barely enough to notice much change in your size.”

“Did you come just to make fun of me?” is Lady Blue’s reply. “I’m getting fed up with it to be honest.”

He laughed again, and she snarled at him again. So he got serious, he felt he had bothered her enough. “No, actually. I wanted to tell you that Roamer and Rusty have spoken their first words."

“Really? What were they?”

Lady Blue expected that he would have said something wise when he responded, and he did: “Roamer’s first word was: fat and Rusty’s first words was: blue vixen.”

Fox busted into an uncontrolled laughter. Lady Blue shouted after she barked loudly. “I knew it!” she said. “That's was the only reason that you came here!”

“Okay, it was.” Fox chuckled quietly. “I'm surprised that you didn't eat all the steaks, you did eat more the Weasel. To be honest, when you came back, I thought that you were expecting another litter.”

Lady Blue shouted once again, at the top of her lungs. It had hurt Fox’s ears. “What!”

“Calm down Lady Blue. I was joking.” He responded trying to get himself out of trouble with his half-sister.

“You'd better be.” she squinted her eyes at him. Growl low in her throat.

Charmer was laying alone her earth moving her paw around the face of one of her sons, Roamer. He was laughing at the motion of her paw. He tried to grab her paw so he could gnaw on it.

Charmer cooed at her cubs happily, “Yes... those are my kids. You've learned to speak, say it again.”

Roamer said. "Mommy!"

Rusty ran up next to his older brother. He repeated what Roamer just said, "Mommy!"

Charmer sighed in a sad tone. She whispered to herself, “I wish Ranger and Lady Blue were here to see this. Your first words.”

Then she heard a voice; that of Ranger’s, speaking to her: ”Remember what I told you Charmer. I always will be I know that our kids are talking, and I'm very proud of them. To bad they'll never get to know me, you and mother are the only ones that can hear me. But the others could too, if they would accept that I always watching over you remember when you saw the cloud of me? That's when you and mother finally accepted it, but the others didn't.”

She responded, despite not being able to see where he is at all. But she could sense that he was in the earth with them, “I know Ranger. I miss you though, why didn't you want until your mother and Fox got back to the nest? You think could have gone looking for food together.”

“You were so hungry; they would have been gone forever. I had to get you food; I never thought the rats would get me. I thought I could handle them just fine. I'm sorry; I was just stupid to not listen to you.” Ranger answered with guilt in his voice.

She wanted to make Ranger feel better so she said. “Don't blame your self Ranger. You couldn't have know they were going to swarm you, despite Adder's warning.”

Ranger said it once more. “I should have listened to you though. I don't blame myself, but I didn't get a chance to know my kids, and they never got to know me at all.”

"I know, but it’s not your fault you didn't heed her warning. You couldn't have known that your premonition and her warning were going to happen." Charmer said while she looked over to her cubs. They were still playing in the corner of the earth.

“I know. You need to sleep Charmer; I'll talk to you later. I love you.”

Once she felt that she was alone in the earth with her cubs, Charmer had lain down. Her cubs lay up against her bright yellow belly and they cuddled against it.

“Get some sleep kids,” she said to them after she yawned.

She closed her eyes, and then started snoring quietly. As Charmer slept, Ranger’s spirit appeared to watch her.

The next day, just after she had waked up, Charmer quickly ran up to Lady Blue. “I've got something to tell you. Ranger came into my cave last night and spoke to me. I didn't see him, but I knew his voice.”

Lady Blue looked up from Charmer’s cubs. Removing her snout from Rusty’s side. She gasped, showing signs that she didn’t believe her, “Are you sure? You could have been hearing things or dreaming.”

“I'm positive,” Charmer responded as she nodded her head. “I heard his voice once a few days ago, and when Fox stepped down from being leader. He must be watching over us, like he said he would when he died.” She signals for her cubs to come over to her.

Lady Blue responded as her ears perked up as she did. “You might be right...I remember him saying the same thing to me once shortly after your kids were born. He said he'd always be with us no matter what.”

“Also, I didn't get cold once all last night, and my kids didn't cry or even make a single whimper all night either.”

Fox had walked up to the two arguing vixens as he yawned. “What's going on now? Can’t you two go one day without arguing?”

“Nothing – this time anyway,” Charmer responded in a serious tone. “I was just telling Lady Blue that Ranger came and talked to me somehow last night. I slept very good, and so did the kids last night, we didn't wake up once last night.”

“How can you be sure that it was Ranger? You might have…”

Lady Blue had cut Fox off with a French accent for some reason. “I said the same thing. Charmer said she was positive that she wasn't hearing things.”

Sinuous had woken up, and he saw Weasel staring him directly in the face. He let out a loud scream that woke up Adder.


“What is it?” Adder hissed when she angrily as she uncoiled herself.

Sinuous responded, uncoiling himself, as he hissed angrily at Weasel. “Nothing, its just Weasel. Wait...why were you even in our nest anyway? You and Measly found your own anyway.”

Weasel laughed a loud, ear splitting laugh. “AHAAHAAHAAHAAHAAHA!” The two snakes pressed their tails over their heads. “Whisper wanted me to get you two, she has something to tell you.”

The two snakes slithered out of their burrow. They were stopped by Whisper once they had traveled about two metres, “Adder? Sinuous? Have you see Friendly? He never came home last night, I'm afraid that he is lost somewhere in the park.”

Adder yawned quietly. She shook her head around tiredly before she answered. "No, sorry. I haven't seen him since the meeting. Did you check Charmer or Plucky's den? He said he was going to talk to a friend or something before he same to your nest."

Sinuous corrected Adder, he also had a tone. The two didn’t get much sleep at all the previous night. They still had the images of their friends’ deaths, caused by the rats, fresh in their mind. “No, he went to see Faschia, Ranger's sister, something about telling her about Ranger or something. I have a feeling we’ll have more fox cubs in the park as much time those two have been spending together.”

Whisper sighs in relief, and responds, “Oh thank the Lord; that's good. I thought he was missing or left us.”

Friendly walks up to the group with Ranger's sister, who is called Faschia, and they quickly notice that they have tired expressions on their faces, especially Faschia, “I need to tell you all something, wait...where's Lady Blue and my father?”

A few moments later, they all arrived at their land. That's when Friendly spoke proudly, surrounded by all of his family and friends. “Now the rest of you are here, I need to tell all of you something.”

Friendly started to get nervous, but he continued anyway. “Faschia is carrying my cubs, that is why I was gone for so long. I'm sorry if I worried any of you, did Sinuous tell you where I was at least?"

Whisper responded with happiness in her voice about this news. “Yes, but you should wake up Fox and Vixen. They’ll want to know the good news. They wanted to sleep after all the trouble we had with the rats. They’re still in their earth.”

Faschia felt nervous around all Friendly’s friends. “I just hope that one of them is like Ranger,” she moaned happily. “But not close enough that we'll get them confused. I can't believe that rats over powered him, he seemed way to strong for them to do it.”

Lady Blue looked to her daughter. She was happy about her expecting cubs. But she was also sad about the mention of Ranger’s fate. “They went for his weak points when he was down. They tore into his throat and underside.”

“That was what Charmer told me after the meeting, anyway,” Faschia responded. “I'm going to go sleep for a while,” she added. “I’m just glad that you lived through. I’d be more happy if Ranger was here to know about my cubs, could I see his?”

Lady Blue remembered that Charmer had her son’s offspring and now her daughter is going to have children. She rolled her eyes, and said, “Oh Dear Lord, I’m going to be a double grandmother! Charmer has Roamer and Rusty, and now my daughter has cubs on the way. I just feel old all of a sudden for some reason.” While they began to back away, Friendly whispered to his mate. “Well she is getting old.” The two began laughing quietly and they ran off together when Lady Blue looks back at them to see why they are laughing.

Chapter 2: A Winter with the Warden

Lady Blue rushed up to Fox the same day, rather quickly than she normally would have ran. "Fox remember how you made a big deal just because I gained a little weight?" Fox thinks about bursting out laughing again at that question, but he tried to control his emotions, and he just laughed briefly. “A little?” It was several seconds before Lady Blue responded, as she had been angered by his wise-crack, and when she doe did, she growled at Fox.

“Fox...” she snarled in an unamused tone. “I'm take you and Charmer over to the Warden's house, and since its winter, you are going to play sick along with us, and we'll lay down on the door step after we get him to come there. We may just spend a while outside, and get ourselves sick. It will be worth getting sick to eat the steaks he has, it’s been over two months ever since I went there, so he won't suspect that I am mooching off of him.” Lady Blue clearly thinks that her plan is going to work to get her back into the Warden’s, she is getting cravings for the food that he has there, and she wants to spend all the time she can there with the rat plague removed from the park permanently.

“But why do I have to go?” is what Fox asked, when she was done talking, instantly in a nervous tone, like he doesn’t want to go the Warden’s. He had just had several White Deer Park pheasants to eat, so he wasn’t hungry. But he suspected that she wanted him to go even if he doesn’t eat anything at all during his day there, but he just shook his head.

She grinned at him. “So you can see why I gained so much weight, and you won't be making fun of me anymore. I'm sick of you bothering me about my weight, and I want you to see what its like.”

Fox whimpered in an unexcited way before he thought of something else that he could say to make her mad. “Okay, I'll go. Just one thing...”

“Hold that thought.” Lady Blue cut him off as she was turning around to leave. She was expecting, or at least suspecting, that Fox was going to say something about her again. And he did. “You have a big butt!” She spun back around right away, offended that time, and she had her teeth gritted together, growling angrily and viciously. He just busted out laughing loudly, which made her even angrier, and she said, “see! That's what I was talking about! I want you to get in the same condition I am, the others will leave me alone, and you'll fine out what its like having that said to you all the time!”

A few days later, Fox walked up to Lady Blue with the sickest look on his face. He was starting to have second thoughts about the time that he spent outside during the winter. He sneezed loudly, which made his head ache worse. It hit Lady Blue between the eyes, and she groaned in disgust, “I'm sick enough as it is, I don’t you sneezing on my face directly Fox, did you have to do that honestly?” He started coughing very sickly, which made his throat sorer than it was before. He noticed that Lady Blue’s eyelids were a dark red instead of their usual light blue. “ you know that your eyelids are a dark red?” he asked.

“I know, so are yours.” she coughed. Her spit had barely missed his face.

“Maybe getting real sick was a bad idea. At least we're not as bad as Adder when she got sick, she couldn't keep her food down.” He looked to the ground, and sneezed hard. He was nearly knocked onto his backside. He groaned in pain before he resumed, “When did Adder get sick? When you had gone to the Warden’s during the rat plague?”

“No,” Lady Blue shook her head at the same time her tail moved anxiously when she had thought of the Warden’s cabin and what she did there. “It was that time we had to take her too that cave, remember? She got very sick, and could eat or drink without...” She coughed loudly once more. “...throwing up what she ingested, but that was only because of a rat she ate, she had the fur caught in her throat from swallowing it.” He asked trying to change the subject about times they had gotten sick, to his daughter, “Where is Charmer? Should she should have been here by now.”

Charmer walked up as if she was supposed to after Fox had mentioned her, and Lady Blue stared directly at her with large eyes when she saw Charmer’s condition. She had very dark pink eyes, and her nose was running excessively.

Lady Blue said in a sick tone. “Oh Dear God! You do look sick!” She felt like looking away from her stepdaughter, but she didn’t. She was wondering what she is thinking.

Charmer coughed loudly. She groaned in pain before she responded to Lady Blue. “I know, we have to make our sicknesses look very convincing don't we? So I set in the pond up to my neck yesterday for like an hour, and it was so cold that it made me sick after the first thirty minutes, but I just sat in the pond for an extract half-hour, and I’m more than sick.” She coughed for about a minute straight before Lady Blue could get a word out of her mouth, “I doubt that the Warden leave his cabin as sick as the three of us look. I wonder how your kids can keep from getting sick in this whether.”

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about Roamer or Rusty, I persuaded Friendly to watch them for the whole winter. He didn’t want to watch them at first, but he finally gave in after a long argument.” Lady Blue quickly got nervous at her comment and asked with her teeth chattering, but that was from the cold, and her sickness, not being nervous. “How?” Charmer doesn’t answer right away, which adds to Lady Blue’s suspense, and she coughs before she finally answered. “I just told him that I would give him one of the steaks if he watched the cubs for me,” she explained.

“Good,” she gave a hoarse sigh of relief. “You seriously had my heart going for a second.”

“Mother!” she said in a surprised voice. “He’s my brother not my mate! Besides I already have cubs! What are you thinking? That I’d actually mate with my brother?”

Fox intervened before the two kill each other. “Okay, okay, okay. That’s enough talking, can we just go already? I’m sick of freezing my tail off.” They nod their heads, and they begin walking through the snow, their feet are crunching in the snow as they are walking through the snow.

At the Warden’s cabin, Fox, Lady Blue and Charmer came to a stop at the door. Fox began to paw on the oak door. It makes an annoying scratching sound, which the Warden could hear from in his chair. He looked down to his loyal dog with a confused look.

“Oh now what? Had better not be foxes. I had enough of them during that rat plague.” As he was getting up from his chair, he groaned. Then he tossed his newspaper down on the chair. He reluctantly headed over to the door. When he opens it, he gasped with annoyance when he recognized one of the three foxes: Lady Blue. Lady Blue knew that he was staring at her. She just flashed an innocent grin at him.

He sighed, “You go three months without getting sick, and now this? Come on get in here. At least your not faking it this time, just stay out of the cellar this time, all need is a bunch of drunken foxes stumbling around my house, and breaking things.”

Lady Blue gave another innocent grin at The Warden as he walked towards hallway to get some food for the foxes. He knew more than they do that food is the one thing that they need to get healthy again. Once he was in the kitchen, Rollo through the door, he spotted Lady Blue. He thought of something to say to Lady Blue quickly. “Hey! The big butted blue-vixen! I thought that you were done coming here?” Lady Blue quickly snarled at the dog, which quickly scared him, and he whimpered as he began backing away. “Rollo...I thought we had talked about this last year. What did I tell you about calling me that?”

Rollo didn’t respond. But he looked around trying to act innocent, whimpering. But that blew his cover and she continued moving toward him staring with a burning anger. “Right! You forgot what I told you, didn’t you! I said: if you call me a big-butted anything again, you’d be the steak that I eat next time I come to the Warden’s.” He yelped with fear and began to run away from Lady Blue, who was face-to-face with him. The next thing he knows, he is falling straight down.

Fox, Charmer and Lady Blue’s heads turn toward the sound of splashing from a far room, and they quickly knew that he had fallen into the swimming pool. But only the two vixens there began to laugh uncontrollably at what Rollo had done. Lady Blue managed to say one thing. “Maybe Rollo should learn to look where he is going before he just goes running off.”

Several minutes had gone by once he started carrying trays of food into the room. Only one at a time, and he eventually had brought the last tray in, which is one for Fox. But it is only a few very, or rather, small steaks. Fox snarled with jealously about how small his steaks were compared to Lady Blue and Charmer’s.

“Why on earth do you two get the best food?” he said. “I’m the lea-”

“No your not Fox,” Lady Blue corrected him happily. “I am, don’t you remember? You appointed me leader after Bully was killed remember? You even said that I would make a better leader since I am a year younger than you, and have leader experience after leaving my family to help you kill the rats, and killing the most other than Ranger did.” Charmer added to Lady Blue’s statement. “Yeah dad, haven’t you ever heard of the Ladies First rule? That applies here. We get the biggest steaks, you get the smallest.”

“I do because you two are the biggest. I’m the smallest because you two always eat everything and that doesn’t even make sense either! I’m the oldest, I should get the largest amounts of food, and I need to keep my energy up.”

Lady Blue begins snickering like she usually does during arguments. “Yes, but who did you appoint the leader? Me. That’s who. I make the rules now, and I say that the two of us get the best stuff; you get the small foods and scraps. No more arguing or I’ll give what you did get to Charmer, and you can go hungry.”

He growled hoarsely, getting a sore thought from yelling with his sister-in-law, “Okay. Okay...fine, but next time, I’d better get one at least the size Charmer got.”

Lady Blue responded, also in a hoarse voice. “Okay, but you aren’t going to get any of my food, or anything my size either.” They are quiet for about ten seconds, so they can get a taste for the steaks in which they haven’t eaten for a quarter of a year.

“Okay Good,” he was cut off by a cough, a rather raspy cough at that. “Maybe the Warden should get all three of us normal sides steaks, you know, just to be fair.” Lady Blue understood what Fox meant by that. But she wanted to bother him a lot more than she already had. So she made another smart remark: “Fair?” she then smirked at Fox. “I’m the leader of our family now, and I get the biggest foods. That’s what I call fair, once steak or barbeque sauce is added, then its really fair four us girls if you don’t get anything special, right Charmer?”

Charmer’s ears perked up at that statement. She also smirked at her father. But she stayed lying on the ground. Clearly she was eyeballing the steak right next to her. “Sauce? I’ll take any kind of sauce, especially if it is barbeque sauce.”

“Charmer?” Lady Blue asked with suspicion in her voice. “Do you even know what that is? Because we don’t.”

“Nope,” she sighed with hunger. “But it sounds delicious from the name, and Rollo said that it is very good on steaks.”

“Well,” Lady Blue yawned. She had opened her mouth wide enough to fit Fox’s steak into it. She would have been able to chew it very easily. She closed her mouth and said. “I’m going go to sleep for a while, leave my steak alone Fox or I’ll just take yours and Charmer’s.” She eventually began making her way over to the dark red couch. She instantly lays her head down on a pillow that was the exact same shade and hue of red as the couch, which feels good against her aching neck and body.

Charmer made her way over. She lay down on the couch with her. Lady Blue just ignored her until she felt something lying on her butt. When she looked back, she saw that Charmer was resting her head on her backside like it is a pillow. She moved her head so it is on the pillow again, and she closed her eyes to sleep.

Charmer snickered quietly. She prayed and hoped that Lady Blue won’t hear what she was about to say. “Wow...her butt does make a perfect pillow when it is bigger.”

“What was that?” Lady Blue said opening up her eyes with surprise. She couldn’t have made out what Charmer whispered, which is the reason she asked in the first place.

“Nothing,” Charmer quickly said. She was trying to cover herself up, before she closed her eyes to sleep.

After about a half hour of sleeping, the two had woke up again. Lady Blue groaned with discomfort about the pillow she still rested her head on. “Oh-ow! This pillow is starting to get really uncomfortable on the back of my neck!”

Charmer had heard her, and she decided to lift her head up so she could talk clearly. “You can use my tail as a pillow if you want, or maybe you can just rest your head over mine.” Lady Blue goes with Charmer’s second suggestion. She laid her head on Charmer’s tail. She fell asleep that way quickly.

After about two hours they had woken up. Lady Blue had her head on Charmer’s head, and drool was running from her jaws, and down Charmer’s face. Which she feels as she groggily opened her eyes, and realized what the wetness is flowing down her cheek was. She jumped up, hitting the top of her head on Lady Blue’s lower law. They both yelped in pain when that happened.

Lady Blue also barked when she was wide-awake. She shook her head around wondering what had happened.

“Lady Blue!” Charmer yelled with whining in her voice. “You were drooling on my face!”

“So!” she yelled back in a quieter tone. “You hit me under the lower jaw! And now I have a headache!”

“So!” she repeated. “How would you feel if you woke up with your mother-in-law having her legs spread over your butt and drooling on your face! Huh?!”

“I wouldn’t care,” she replied bluntly. “I would just tell her to get off, and forget about it.”

“You really are care free aren’t you Lady Blue?”

“Yes,” she replied once more in a dry tone. “You should learn to be more carefree like I am. I’m going to go see where Fox is.”

Charmer didn’t say anything else. Lady Blue walked off toward the poolroom to find him; he is probably, and most likely, getting a drink in there.

Chapter 3: A Day of Fun

Charmer walks up to Lady Blue with a bored expression on her face, "This is so boring! Is there anything that we can do?" Charmer lies down on the ground of the park, and starts forward, and sees the large of Lady Blue's belly, and knows that it isn't because she is pregnant; she should stop eating so much.

"To be honest," Lady Blue sighs. "I have no idea. Sorry." She sets down and only starts at Charmer with a bored expression like she could fall asleep any second she is so bored. "I'm so bored, that I'd rather sleep to pass time than just sit here on my butt all day."

Charmer growls quietly, remaining on the ground and she is still staring at Lady Blue's excessively large underbelly, but Lady Blue doesn't suspect that she is, "Well, can't we ask Plucky, Friendly or Faschia if they have any plans?"

"I already did," Lady Blue replies, after yawning that is. "Except for Faschia, she was sleeping." Lady Blue pauses to scratch herself behind her eye with her back leg, "I even asked Whisper and Vixen, nothing. This is probably going to be a very boring day."

Charmer suddenly perks up, having an idea popped into her, and she lifts her head so she is staring at Lady Blue's face instead, "Wait a second. Can't we just get my kids, then Faschia, Friendly, Plucky, Adder and Whisper, and play hide and seek" She suggests, "Roamer and Rusty love playing that game, plus there is tons of places to hide."

"Okay," Lady Blue says in a confused tone, and looks at Charmer with an odd expression on her face. "Let's go get them." Lady Blue is obviously unsure about wanting to play a game with her grandchildren, she'd much rather be at the Warden's again than that. Sure, she likes Roamer and Rusty, but she loves to eat just as much, if not more!

A half hour later, Faschia, Charmer, Roamer and Rusty have finally showed up at where they were supposed to, and Lady Blue is setting straight up, tapping her foot impatiently, "Finally, what took you two so long?" She asks, clearly she is slightly annoyed with her daughter, daughter-in-law and two grandsons. "Friendly and I got here in a few minutes, it took you thirty to get here!" Faschia responds, she obviously has a valid reason for why she took a half hour to get there by the way here voice sounds , "Sorry," she apologizes. "It took Friendly for ever to wake me up, I was sleeping so good."

Roamer whimpers, he was expecting that they would be playing a game, and it took them a half hour to arrive, and all his mother, aunt and grandmother are doing is arguing with each other, "Can we play already?" He continues whimpering, which quickly draws the attention of the older foxes, and Charmer coos, "Sure. Go over to that tree there, and cover your eyes with your paws, count to thirty, and we'll be hidden in different spots by the name you have finished counting."

Roamer jumps up with joy when she says that, and, as fast as he can, and he quickly bends over, and places his paws over his eyes, even though he has already closed them.

Charmer says to the others in a whisper, "Alright, when we go hide, we hide by ourselves completely and in the most unlikely of places," she prompts them. "That will make it harder for him to find all of us. If you have to hide together with someone, make sure it’s a last resort. Alright, go hide!"

Charmer quickly rushes off once she is down telling how to place the game.

She stops a few feet away from the group, she whispers when she sees a large bush, it is various shades of green, including light green, dark green, leaf green and different shades of leaf green.” Yes... " she says happily, and with a grin. "This bush is the perfect place to hide."

Charmer jumps into the bush, and she positions herself so she won't be seen by Roamer and she can see out through a small opening between the leaves at the same time.

Lady Blue slowly walks up the bush, she can hear Roamer counting, he is in the late teens now, and when she sticks her head in the bushes, she gives a loud scream, and gasps, "Charmer! You scared me!"

"Go find your own bush!" Charmer orders her mother in law, "There's one right there, and this bush can only fit one fox!"

Lady Blue reluctantly listens, and she turns her head around to see the bush, and realizes Charmer was correct; the bush is actually larger than the one she is in, which will be a better advantage for her. So she decides that it would be a better idea to hide in it instead, and she does so.

Roamer uncovers his eyes when he suspects that they are hidden and he looks around for about half a minute before he runs in the direction towards the clusters of bushes.

"Alright, I'll find all you guys," he says in a proud, but still younger voice. "And whoever I find first will have to count next." He knows that last part of what he said is kind of obvious, the others would already know that who ever is found first will have to count next.

He runs past the rock that Friendly hid behind, and he hears a girl whisper, he recognizes the voice as being Faschia's, "Quiet Friendly! He's right outside the bush!"

So Roamer looks behind the rock, it is obvious that Friendly and Faschia are hiding there, and behind it, he sees Faschia laying on top of Friendly, but she is failing to hide Friendly, he sticks out easy, and she gasps, "Oops! Friendly he found us! Run!"

Roamer bursts out laughing, he finds it funny that his aunt is sitting on his uncle, and from one of the bushes, he can't tell which one, he hears a very faint sneeze, he is also unable to tell who it is. His hearing hasn't developed completely yet, all he has a great sense of smell, everything else is still developing.

"Who's there?" He calls, clearly Roamer suspects that somebody is hiding in one of the bushes.

Nobody or nothing responds, and he just decides to peek in the bush to see who is in there, and he sees Sinuous in it, under a branch with many leaves on it, snoring, and he suddenly wakes up with a groggy expression on his face. But that tired expression quickly changes to a look of anger, directed at Roamer.

"Sorry Sinuous," Roamer quickly apologizes, he couldn't have apologized any quicker than he did. "I didn't mean to wake you."

Sinuous scoffs, coils back up and he falls asleep quickly, and when Roamer finally pulls his head out of the bush, and turns around, he sees a bright yellow green snake slithering down the trail, it is Adder. He flashes a happy grin at her, and she gasps, "AH! No! I lost!" And she slithers off before he can catch her or jump on her.

Roamer looks up when he see a shadow cast down on him, but it turns out to be a leaf, then he sighs, "Wow, this is harder than I thought it would be," Roamer pauses to sigh again. "But I do have a feeling that more of than just one of you are hiding in these bushes around this area, and I will find all of you eventually."

Roamer suddenly hears the leaves of a bush rustling, the bush is a bright green, with dark green leaves in certain spots of it, the bush is located by the same rock that he found Friendly and Faschia behind.

"Aha!" He says happily, "I know one of you was hiding still in this place!" Roamer makes his way over to the bush, and when he looks in there, he feels his lips hit against something, and when he opens his eyes when he finds out that he isn't in trouble, he sees that it is Lady Blue that he ran into.

Both Roamer and Lady Blue give a surprised scream, and she apologizes to her grandson, "Ok-okay-sorry for scaring you, alright Roamer, you still have to Plucky and Charmer before you actually win the game, but Faschia is it right? I over heard you behind that rock."

Once he has gone down the same trail that Adder had gone down earlier that day, he stops and notices that he is in yet another canyon full of bushes, and he yawns, Roamer is starting to get tired from all the running that he is doing, "Oh man, I hope I can find all of them before night, or I'll have to continue this game tomorrow.

Roamer looks around for a bit, and he sees a white tip sticking out of one of the largest bushes after staring at it carefully for about half a minute, and he asks, "Charmer? Is that you?"

There is no response from who ever it is hiding in the bush, and that makes it even more obvious that somebody is in there, and he grins, an idea has come to him, "Ooh-a tail! Something for me to bite!"

Charmer jumps out of the bush after saying in a shocked tone, "No! My tail is not for biting Roamer!" She lands on her legs perfectly, and looks at her son, she notices how much he looks like Ranger even though he is much younger, and is a dark blue, "You really remind me of your father, except for the shade of your fur, you're an exact copy of Ranger."

Roamer doesn't pay attention to what is mother said, and he yawns, "I'm so tired, can we go back our earth and sleep?" He falls to the ground, nearly curling up, "can you carry me back on your back?"

In Charmer's earth, Charmer and Lady Blue are laying close to each other, and Charmer's two cubs, Roamer and Rusty are sound asleep, they are partially covered by her bright yellow-orange belly, only their heads are sticking out, and Lady Blue has already fallen asleep. Unknown to Charmer, the spirit of Ranger is watching them, and unlike his previous visit to Charmer, she can't notice him.

Charmer looks down to her cubs, and says, "Goodnight my cubs, I'll see you in morning." After that, she lays her head over Lady Blue's, and falls asleep, and then the spirit of Ranger fades out slowly.

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