• Nikolai Banks
    This is a picture I made back in 2008, its pretty old and not really good, I made this, when I had free time from school and I tuke pictures from diffrent pics, including Farthing Wood I thought I should of added some other characters, so I did and I might upload some diffrent pics, if this one ends up being a success I hope you like this pic, C its a pretty home made amature pic and if you don't approve of this pic I don't mind if you remove it just please notice me before you do thanks Read more >
  • Nikolai Banks

    Fox and Vixen

    Weasel and Measley

    Charmer and Ranger

    Bold and Whisper

    Adder and Sinuous

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  • Nikolai Banks

    My Chat space

    September 28, 2010 by Nikolai Banks

    This is a little place where we can chat when ever you need to Hey C I just thought of this cool idea for a game called Grand Theft Auto:Episodes of Farthing Wood the sequel to Grand Theft Auto:Episodes of White Deer Park in both GTA EWDP GTA EOFW you can do anything and you have up to 100 missions there are 4 acts in the game the first act you work as the leader of Farthing Wood and you meet alot of new characters on the way to the park and you can inreact with other animals and in this game humans and the animals work and talk and team up together the whole game is animals of diffrent species living in the Brittish lands. The first game you can't fly to the places in the other GTA games but in the second one you can plus there are some w…

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