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    This is what happend after Bully and his rats disembarked from the park. This is for all AoFW fans who wants to read an alternative season 4 story. Comments are welcome. (English is my second language so please, no rude comments about my grammar!)

    Chapter 3 is finished and will soon be published. Comments are still welcome!

    1 chapter= 1 episode.

    It became a bit odd with the upload, hopes that it don't disturb to much! (Seems like it isn't me wot?)

    It's been a year since the Bully and his rats left the park. The year to come was quiet and peaceful and the park was filled with new life. Plucky, the new leader of Farthing animals, had arranged a discovery trip into the new areas in the park which occurred after humans tore down the mysterious wal…

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