White Deer Park as it appears in A Heroes' Welcome

White Deer Park is a nature reserve which the Farthing Wood animals travel to when forced to leave their old homes because of its destruction by humans. The park exists in order to protect a rare herd of white deer, after which the reserve is named, but is also home to a large number of other animals who benefit from the protection they receive from human interference, like the edible frogs.

There were many groups of other animals. The animals looked like the Farthing Wood animals,but were hard to tell the difference between them.They were a number of mice,voles,and squirrels.They appeared in the first episode of season 2,there were animals that were seen, that looked like the perished Farthing Wood hedgehogs and pheasants.

  1. White Deer Park Squirrels( includes Red Squirrels)
  1. White Deer Park  Voles
  1. White Deer Park  Field Mice
  1. White Deer Park  Foxes  (Blue Foxes)
  2. White Deer Park Voles (Water Voles)

Confusions with Farthing Wood AnimalsEdit

Many Farthing Wood Animals have disapeared during each series and there are many animals that have been confused with the White Deer Park inhabinants. The Farthing Wood residents have disapeared and/or had offspring in the park. Alot of animals have perished (most unconfirmed reasons) some have been hibernating in books. During the winter in the TV series multiple animals have disapeared, there were a few unseen deaths (including Vole, Fieldmouse, and Mole). It is possible that Kestrel,The Shrews, and Hare died of an old age. However, there is many similar specimens in the TV Series such as a few Fieldmice, Shrews, Multiple Squirrels, and Rabbits and a Hare. Various of these animals appeared in cameos and most look like the Farthing Wood Animals.