Wild Cats
Wildcats from TV series
Name Unknown
Species Wildcats
Gender Female
Status One - Dead, Other Two - Alive
First TV Appearance Tiffs and Tempers
Voiced by Pamela Keevilkral (UK)
Ingeborg Lapsien (Germany)

One out of the group of Wildcats first encounters Measley, Fido and Cleo in the fifth episode of the third series, entitled Tiffs and Tempers, when the weasels decide to rest in her seemingly abandoned burrow. The wildcat threatens to eat them, but Rollo, who protects the weasels, manages to chase her away, despite his bad relationship the farm cat. The wildcat later returns to the burrow with her sisters and they proceed to attack the weasels, but Rollo scares them away once again whilst howling and yarning in his sleepy state.

The main wildcat later appears for a third and final time when Fido and Cleo are trapped on a Rollo's dog food bowl on the middle of a river. She first tries to go for the little ones, pretending to help rescue them, but she misses her chance when their bowl rams into some terrapins' shells and brings it to a stop. The Wildcat then tries to go for Measely as dangles above the water whilst trying to save the little ones, but Rollo - having falling into the water trying to save them himself - grabs hold of her tail with his jaws and pulls her to her fate in the surging current, never to be seen again.

Appearances Edit

TV series


  • Both the Wildcat sisters from Tiffs and Tempers look like domestic house cats.
  • The three wildcats could be similar to Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed from The Lion King, as both trios are looking to eat the protagonist and try to get their own back only to be defeated by the hero's helpers.
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